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Last week I gave my thoughts on what I would like to see in a Moon Knight video game. Rather than come up with a similar premise but with X-Men characters, I thought I'd give designing an RPG a try. Being honest, I have to say RPG video games were never my first choice in gaming. For an X-Men game though, I thought building yourself and earning the right to become an X-Men could work as an RPG. 
Because I'm not a hardcore RPG video game player, allow me to take some liberties with my design. The game starts out as your character first develops powers. You'd have the option of selecting from a list of pre-existing X-characters but that would limit your gameplay as their story is already set. The real meat of the game would allow you to create your own character.  
There is your first real decision, would you rather have more control over what your gaming experience is or are you willing to be a little restricted by choosing an existing X-Men character? Would the game still be enjoyable if you weren't playing as your favorite X-Men character and had to make up your own?
 == TEASER ==  
Let's assume you decide to create your own character to get more out of the game. Once you arrive at the school, in order to build up your powers and experience, you'll have several choices. For example, if you make the decision to go to class instead of skipping to hang out with other students, your powers and experience will develop faster. The faster and more successful your powers develop, the better your chance will be to go on missions with the other X-Men. The same could result if you decide to try to get 'involved' with another student. You might earn more 'experience points' but your powers might not develop as quickly.  
Because it could get boring, obviously the "time in class" wouldn't force you to actually sit through a simulated classroom setting. You might see a tiny bit but the real education would be your time in the Danger Room. Again, your powers and experience will depend on how you perform and what decisions you make. Some sessions would involved just you while others would include other characters. Being in the Danger Room would allow the gameplay to vary a little as you would be placed in different environments on "missions" that would have a wide range. This would build towards you becoming a team player. If you choose to make selfish decisions, that will affect how your character develops.  
Since I'm not limited to an actual developer's budget, I like to think on a big scale. Being that you are a student throughout most of the game, the way you respond to your "teachers" (the X-Men) will also determine the path your character takes. Should you become more of a rebel, the game could take a turn for you.  
As you near graduation, the X-Men decide to bring you along on a mission (let's just say they didn't have much of a choice, it was an emergency or your powers would be crucial of this one). If your character was going down a darker path, you might be approached by one of Magneto's henchmen to join his side. This would result in you not graduating but you would see a different ending to the game as you would get to go on some missions with Magneto. 
If you decide to stay on the X-Men's side (since this game is about becoming an X-Man), you will soon see graduation day. This will allow you to design your own costume and perhaps a code name (again, assuming you went with designing your own character instead of choosing an existing one). The game won't be quite over yet. After all the time and 'training' you've done to get this far, you should at least be able to go on some missions as an official X-Man. Perhaps the game ends with the Age of Apocalypse about to set in once again. If a sequel were made, perhaps there could be some way to port over your character along with your experience level. 
There's my idea. Do you think the idea of an X-Men RPG could work? Is it something you'd want to play? What else would you like to see in an X-Men RPG?
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I'm down with it, especially that i can make a custom character.
Go submit your idea to the game companies. Make sure they
have a Windows release for me.
Catman extra: I carry an Xavier Institute For Higher Learning student id card fully filled out in my wallet.

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Yeah that would be so cool
#3 Posted by GothamRed (2615 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree that you should submit this, and maybe get a mac release while you're at it

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I would play a game like this.

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If it played like Dragon Age rather than Final Fantasy I'd be all over it! More involved and action based while letting you build abillities and finding loot. 
How about a dialogue tree that might also affect your abillities and to be honest I want to put my own costume together pretty quick not wait until 75% of the game was done so why not do it like they did with the latest versions of young mutants by first putting you in a team and taking on classic x-men missions from the the danger room or maybe going on training exercises with teachers like Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm? 
Graduating would make you a full fledged member of the team half way through and there your option to go to the Brotherhood could be offered when Magneto sees your potential???? 
Sorry going on for too long now but yeah this would totally work and be completly amazing!


Make it happen G-Man!

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I think that's a great idea! The idea of possibly importing yourself into a segment of the Marvel Universe would be amazing. DC Universe Online has something like that going on, but on such a large scale you face all the troubles you do with all MMO's- dealing with the community, finding enough time to level your character, etc. But on a multiplayer setting on, like, Xbox Live or something? Maybe using the Danger Room as something like Halo's Forge, you could do a lot, and you and your friends as mutants teaming up would just be amazing as hell to try.

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The first thing that comes to mind is the Persona games, and honestly a mix of the Legends/Ultimate Alliance series with Persona style social and study systems would be a concept too awesome for words. Which sucks as words are all we have. 
Also I really really want a high rez version of that diploma!

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...WHERE DO I BUY THIS?  Dude, I would dream to play this game. And if you created your own character, it could go on Gambit's squad, seeing as they never had a sixth member or something like that.
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Wow... This just Marvel trying to compete with DC Universe Online. But I'm still gonna get this.

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yeah I can totally see this happening, seeing as DC is already going MMORPG, this would be a good counter attack.

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I would love to see an X-Men RPG!! Not an MMO though, just a regular RPG. I think it would be awesome to be able to walk around the Xavier Institute and interact with all the other students and staff. You could include a day/night cycle so that being able to sneak out after dark could add to your rebel status.  
I would personally like to see it based on the New X-Men series, where the only change would be that your character would be the 28th student to retain their powers post-M-Day (or one of the 27 if you chose a pre-made character).
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I want that diploma

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Just saw there was a cool map of the grounds. Wonder if anyone's ever made a plan of the interior? 

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be good game i would get it

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I like this idea a lot, especially if there was the option of joining one of the New X-Men training squads that fit your character's personality, like the Hellions, New Mutants, etc

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Do it. Carbon Neutral games in association with Comic Vine presents: XMANS teh RPG.

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A shame this game does not exist because I WANT TO PLAY IT!!! Would be a great idea, I especially love the relative freedom of character development, another goody would be the uncounted possibilities of interacting with your fellow X-Men.

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I've always wanted a X-men RPG, its a universe that lends it self to that type of game really well. If it's done like an action adventure game with RPG elements and not like final fantasy ill get it for sure!
Any game where you get to create your own character i'm down for!

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I would like to see an X-Men RPG for the Xbox 360 or PS3 [im not much on a PC person] Im a big believer in customization. Maybe if its not only tied to the institute, so you can go around cities and use your powers, that would be cool. I like RPGs that give you full advantage of your enviroment  
heh Elder Scrolls V: X-Men Edition [lmfao if you play Elder Scrolls]
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that be a cool game
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i would like to see this game. But i would love to see server size limits and allow alternative versions of xmen to fight so you could end up with teams like AOA lead by Magneto vs Xavier lead teams or even Cyke and Frost lead teams

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Definitely check out the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, known stateside as Persona
They have the school dynamics (academics, social- friends / enemies / dating / mentors, extracurricular) x RPG x combat mechanics down to a science. 
There's definitely an intuitive aspect to how this kind of game should work because many of your ideas are implemented and refined in the Persona series. 
The X-Men license and mutant aspect would ground it in a way to make it much more palatable for American audiences (considering that the Persona series has Japanese teens using monsters that are psychic manifestations of their issues or persona... more traditional superpowers is comparatively grounded) and the "build your own character" aspect falls more in line with Western styled RPGs. 
Here's a review of the game...  
 (link for buggy embed)     
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This is an awesomely amazing idea. If matched with some good customizability  and online play maybe co op mode allowing your hero and your friends online hero to do missions together via Xbox live or PlayStation network. it could go even further. Maybe allowing you to do danger room missions against other teams or missions against people who have chosen the brotherhood route. I think this would be one of the greatest super hero games. To bad its just an idea. Some one please make this happen.

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I'd prefer it as a MMO. Setting up balanced squads for specific missions and to give the real sense of a team dynamic.

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Chances are good a developer's budget would not allow for the standard X-Men. You could probably only choose a custom character--but I see no problem with that. I'd rather make my own character anyway.

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I've always wanted an X-Men RPG like this, it's like Valkyria Chronicles or Persona (the school setting), only with mutants! awesome!

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Funny thing is, I think I might have that diploma sitting somewhere in my garage... 

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I have an Xavier School for gifted Youngsters patch on a leather bomber jacket that I would TOTALLY wear while I was playing this game

ti sounds like the dream X-Men Universe game without having to bog people down with all that "my favorite made it" "I  can't believe they left _____ out!" drama that always surrounds these games

I think you should be assigned some sort of power that allows you to augment it in different ways

like either some sort of mimicking power or the power to change into different forms, so that the player would have a lot of control over how their character developed

they could do it elementally, for example:

you could choose air, water, fire or earth to base your abilities on, or focus on trying to equally master multiple elements or all 4

and then you could choose between focusing on projectiles/range (each element would have a unique type of thrown or distance attack like fireballs, wind gusts, rocks or tremors, or a burst of water or a jetstream)

or you might want to go physical attacks, and master transforming into the elements, allotting exp points to rock form, fire form, etc., and then depending on which forms you master, you could gain flight or speed, intangibility, strength

or, you might want to be more balanced, and you could focus on a secondary skill, like a fire shield, water aura, a surrounding tornado or seismic vibrations       

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Instead of choosing your powers, I think you should take a personality test, and what powers you develop are based on your scores.

#33 Posted by Shadowdoggy (3868 posts) - - Show Bio
@Red Rum:

I like that idea too

or maybe even, how you deal with the characters early on in the game dictates how you will advance later

like maybe, you don't have active powers when you get there and they don't manifest until some plot element happens

you know, the institute gets invaded or the X-Men are caught away somewhere leaving the students to fend for themselves

I really like these topics, G-man

I think we should do these more often

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@Red Rum said:
"Instead of choosing your powers, I think you should take a personality test, and what powers you develop are based on your scores."

For the full RPG experience you shouldn't have a choice at all.  It should be imposed upon you.  You should be forced to play through the game as Beak
Just kidding.  That said, those kinds of quizzes tend to be unreliable measures and people "game" them anyways.  I suppose it wouldn't hurt to use a quiz as a suggestion that is... for a player who doesn't know all the powers and classes the quiz ferrets out their appropriate mutant... but RPGs tend to be data-intense games where you must eventually learn the game system, stats, powers, etc. so I don't know that it's necessary as a tutorial either. 
#35 Posted by geminicomplex (36 posts) - - Show Bio

do you think it would be true to the curriculum of the institute? completely devoid of academics and focusing totally on the use of powers? 
physics is a useful tool when shooting a highly dangerous eye beam....juss sayin ;)

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Regarding the actual combat which would be the meat of any RPG experience (leveling, story, character creation, etc. is the dessert... what suck you in and keeps you playing, but combat is what you actually do).  What are people expecting? 
Quasi-real time action tactical like the latest Final Fantasy?  Turn based tactical?  etc.  There's a tons of ways an RPG can actually play out. 
One suggestion would be to use the actual Marvel Comics RPG system that's already licensed and seasoned, Heroclix (I know there's also several PnP Marvel RPG licenses but those will never properly translate to a videogame RPG except as pure stat-tracking number crunching gameplay in the manner of most AD&D/GRUPS/etc. styled PC-based RPGs).  Granted, HeroClix isn't that compelling in terms of gameplay but it's a start and already has a large installed base.  The point is to have something in terms of gameplay / branding /etc. that people recognize and that you can build up or make more compelling in videogame format. 
Selling a RPGs combat system is often one of the hardest bits because the developer knows all its ins and outs and what makes it different and compelling, but trying to condense that into a sound bite to explain is tough... you often need a walkthrough just to get people familiar... so you either need an established system, or some other hook to keep them interested long enough to go through the walkthrough.

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Amazing idea. This RPG should be just like Mass Effect.
#38 Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer (8319 posts) - - Show Bio
@Shadow_Thief said:

#39 Posted by Krakoa (815 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, this is truly one of the best ideas I've ever heard. It would be great if your character could play through classic X-men storylines and if you could explore other cool places like the Savage Land or Asteroid M. 

#40 Posted by webhe4d (158 posts) - - Show Bio

This would be an awesome game. Wonder if we could pick our own powers, or if it would be randomly generated.  Being able to pick whatever power your character wanted (not necessarily picking a character, just powers) would be pretty legit

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Someday I'm going to make this game....
#42 Posted by ShirEPanjshir (605 posts) - - Show Bio

Would love to play this game. Sounds pretty amazing.. :P
If only someone created this.

#43 Posted by Mr. Mercury (19741 posts) - - Show Bio

G MAN! I was so excited I thought they were developing this game! AHHHH! 
That's a dope idea, you should try and bring that to fruition, FOR US!

#44 Posted by Sasuke12 (12 posts) - - Show Bio

I dont see what so manly about x-men since majority of the members are females in the modern x-men team. Just look at the screenshot with elixir and the other guy being only 2 men on team.

#45 Posted by crimsonspider89 (815 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, ACTI is doing a new X-Men RPG(Check out HeroHQ and go down to VIP section in MUA2, Kalina thread.) She is from ACTI and informed us that the next X-Men RPG may be what you are asking for.

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G-man I think you're almost a certified g-enius. I've loved RPG games ever since I first tried Final Fantasy VIII for PSone. The general idea that you laid out could work really well as a game. You should quit Comicvine and go make millions as a game developer.
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@Mr. Mercury said:
" G MAN! I was so excited I thought they were developing this game! AHHHH!   That's a dope idea, you should try and bring that to fruition, FOR US! "
I thought so too. I nearly wept for joy.
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This is a great idea, I'm not a fan of the fighting games (marvel vs capcom) and kind of bored of the action games released recently.  
This type of game would play to the x-men universe strengths, same way arkham asylum played to the batman universe strengths.  
The classes could be little mini games similar to say races in assassin's creed or the mini games in GTA games, then battles could be danger room and finally leading to missions. Wow this sounds so cool how has this not been made???? 
 (On a side note, not even remotely interested in DC universe since heard cost!!! now am a comic fan so god knows how they're going to entice a casual fan)

#49 Posted by ZephyrX26 (39 posts) - - Show Bio

i'd play that.

#50 Posted by Beyond your Doom (56 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't care what system it would be for I'll still get it but, really you should consider making slightly differences in game play and story to compliment all 3 big systems. You should also consider multi-player and online options than you can put your character in

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