Brian Wood off X-men.

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"I just read this Newsarama blog post that had some errors in it and suggested a couple things that aren’t true. I also get a lot of questions about my run on X-Men, so to clear up: I was, way back, asked to write 8 issues of X-Men, and I have, concluding with #37. My name appeared in the solicitation for #38, but that was a typo. I have not written #38, as that blog post suggests. Seth Peth and (the amazing) Paul Azaceta are taking over the title. So it’s all according to plan, I wasn’t taken off the book or anything weird like that. I’m sure it won’t be the last 616 X-Men I write. It also won’t be the last time I work with David Lopez."

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As long as he sticks with ultimate comics x-men I'm fine, that title finally got the shot in the arm it needed.

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