Bradshaw or Bachelo

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Which artist do you think is better for WatX? Even though I love Bachalo's creativity, his panels are sometimes too difficult to decipher. I prefer Bradshaw, even though his art is a tad bit cartoony, I enjoy his clear artwork and his take on the female body.

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Bachalo is one of my favorite artists, he was one of the originators of the "graffiti influenced" style in comics, I always love his stuff

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@cattlebattle: this is what I loved about Bachalo too

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Is Bradshaw the guy that makes everyone look like Cabbage Patch dolls?

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I used to be a huge Bachalo fan, but his style has definitely gotten messier. I don't like graffiti, so maybe that's why his current style doesn't resonate with me. Neither is my favorite, but I can appreciate both. If Bachalo uses the style he had during Generation NeXt, then him for sure.

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Bradshaw, simply for the clarity in his work. I don't spend too much time trying to figure out what exactly is going on, and there is a charm about his characters. I love Bachalo too, and his work in the last few arcs has gotten clearer, but Bradshaw is less of a headache.

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I don't particularly enjoy the art that's difficult to interpret. Bachalo is the person that makes it kind of difficult to read, but it's not bad. There's just way too much stuff going on in his panels.

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Bradshaw sucks.

Bachalo's an acquired taste but I love him.

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I like both.

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Bachalo's art is really awful for the story I couldn't even tell what was going on in the last 4 books he worked on. It seems like the artists of today just throw their work out there because they are already established when you take a look of Romita's Uncanny X-Men(to the right), or even Bachalo's work from Generation x (to the left) much better.

Why are we so quick to judge Greg Land when people like Bachalo are let go of our reins. The 90's sure we let everyone who had a replica of Jim Lee of Rob Liefield's art be free because that was the only type we got. Don't we deserve better?

Oh yeah Bradshaw because there is so much less to complain about, and it looks good.

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Bradshaw. Bachalo for me varies heavily from comic to comic. As previously mentioned, sometimes his artwork is just a bit too difficult to decipher. In WATXM 12, I found the panels very hard to read, but in other issues were easier to follow. I think it depends on the tone of the comic with Bachalo for me. A lighter theme and his style works well. I guess I can say the same for Bradshaw too. He does have a bit of a toony style and some characters are a bit off but all in all, I would take him on every issue of WATXM over Bachalo. I don't like how either of them really draw Wolverine though which is ironic since it is his book.


Why are we so quick to judge Greg Land when people like Bachalo are let go of our reins.

Not gonna lie, Land is one of my favorites. I love his stuff on X-Men and his whole 3D art style is awesome. Even if he does trace.

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@god_spawn: Yeah Wolverine is drawn awfully in the book at least they keep that consistent.

I like me some Land art too for the 3D as well and if I look at the females at a certain way they don't have the same face except when they do those p#%* faces.

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i cant stand Bachalo's work . i don't like Bradshaw making wolvie cuddly either , but at least with Bradshaw i can tell what's happening and the guys look different

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Bradshaw. Bachalo should never be allowed to draw Wolverine and his panels are confusing. It makes me sick every time i see him destroy Wolverine. Bachalo's Iceman just looks stupid. He shouldn't be drawing comics he shouldn't even be drawing coloring books.

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@MarvelGrey: Lol, yeah. It gives it its charm. It's not supposed to be a serious book so I think they can get away from it just fine, but serious issues they seem to make them look weird. Bradshaw I think is just consistently better as far as overall characters go. With AvX going on, I don't think those artists are doing the tie-ins justice. Emma looked 12 in WATXM 13 and Gladiator looks awkward and in WATXM Mjolnir was like 5 feet in length for some reason.

Agreed. The pron and screaming faces all look the same and Cyclops looks like Tom Cruise with all his gear off. I do prefer Land's take on UXM this time around compared to the other artists. He at least makes Colossonaut look cool and not like a giant d*ck. I also like his take on Namor, Magneto, and Cyclops when his full get up and a good chunk of his Emma Frost stuff and I can't forget his Tabula Rasa stuff was good. He also drew Thing and Rulk well in the tie in. His Hepzibah was just poor and I don't like his take on Hope either. I've preferred him over Pacheco and Acuna right now. Don't like his shiny style, not that it is bad art.

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@god_spawn: Yeah I saw his Emma I Didn't like the way some females are done by Bradshaw his best is Blindfold. Yeah Land was enjoyable during that whole arc except for that panel where Hope laughed at something Namor said the way he portrays women you would think that when they laugh they wouldn't look like horses. Weaver's art in UXM#14 was exceptional for the sinister book.

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@MarvelGrey: Hope just looked weird throughout that whole arc lol. Yeah, Weaver did a good job and I think Peterson did a great job too in UXM#4, except the little girl looked like Chucky in some scenes.

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@The_Diamond_Prince said:

Bradshaw, simply for the clarity in his work. I don't spend too much time trying to figure out what exactly is going on, and there is a charm about his characters. I love Bachalo too, and his work in the last few arcs have gotten clearer, but Bradshaw is less of a headache.

I agree.

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I hate both.

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I think Bradshaw's style fits WatX a bit more. He draws youthful characters really nicely. And he get's points for making Quentin Quire look cool!

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They are both god awful stylistically.

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I hate both. . I found the art so irritating I couldn't tolerate it. It made me not get the series

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Bachalo. I miss some of his '94 approaches, but he's still a pleasure to read. Bradshaw is a collection of thin and undirected lines that lack any concept of corners to ground them. All this I could get over and work through if it wasn't for the god awful cabbage patch faces already mentioned.

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Bradshaw. His art fits the book perfectly.

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Bradshaw. The amount of detail in each panel, the layouts and the way he draws people's expressions are all fantastic. Things just explode off the page! Sure it's a bit toony but that is in keeping with the tone of the book so I don't see a problem. I like his take on Logan too.

I love Bachalo's work too though, but lately it's getting a bit of a chore to decipher what is going on and the colors can be a bit murky too which further complicates things. His take on characters can be a bit off too. Absolutely hate his Iceman, but then he can go and draw an awesome Beast. Plus he makes women's legs look a weird chunky / peggy way (hard to describe, but it's off-putting!)

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Bachalo is one of my favorite artists.Bradshaw isn't bad but I don't enjoy it much.

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I actually not a fan of either one. It made me not not get the series. Out of the two I would have to say Bachalo. I can at least tolerate his work a majority of the time. I can't stand Bradshaw. Everyone looks like kids and it makes the comic unreadable for me.

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I favour Bradshaw over Bachelo, but not by much.

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Bachalo's best work is EASILY steampunk. Since then it's like he's just throwing together anything. In one panel, he had kid gladiators forearm as a simple cylinder. I was like "ok come on man.". I'm not a bachalo hater at all, but like so many have said, it is hard to tell whats going on in a lot of his panels. Why are people even mentioning greg land? He is a disgrace. Until he actually draws, I won't give him any respect.

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I can't stand Bachalo.

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But only because I want Bachalo instead to draw a book that isn't a pile of crap.

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Ya'll people are easily confused.

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