BoTA 2 question, beware spoiler

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So with Kitty leaving to go with Scott, who wants to bet on how fast they, Scott and Kitty, get in a relationship?

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I personally don't see it. Bendis likes having Kitty being large and in charge and there's no way he's letting her tell him how to do his thing. -Shrugs.- I don't see it from a compatibility standpoint. 'Course Bendis doesn't need that to hold him back. Although if it did happen...bring Colossus back and let Emma and her hook up. The cattiness would be at a whole new level.

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You mean Have anotHer Rogue and Magneto like couple.


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Please God no. I hope not. I'm struggling to see Kitty fitting in with the Uncanny team at all. I kinda want Kitty with somebody like Warpath. But that's just me.

I want:



Cannonball with either Rachel Grey or Jubilee

Gambit with either Rogue, Sage or Monet

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'Course Bendis doesn't need that to hold him back.

And maybe, that's exactly what he wants? Because, with Mags, Magik and Emma, nothing really makes them a "heroic" team that will even consider to hold back. And by now, I don't think Bendis plans to make them ruthless.

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@adamtrmm: Well I mean more in terms that Bendis would pair Kitty/Scott off even though it makes little sense for the two characters to do so? I find it hard to believe she's even on the team after Schism/AvX, but there she sits. Unbelievable!

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Then I'm with you, I still can't believe she left with them, so out of character (joining the Uncanny team). And this hug with Magik? After how she tried to convince Colossus she's changed and she's not the same "snowflake"\person anymore..

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