Best X-Man of the 90s

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Marrow. I still don't understand why she was written out of the X-men timeline. She's a great character.

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Gambit and Jubilee both joined in the 80's.

Now that I've realized this, I would change my vote to Cecilia.

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Loved Gambit during this era!!

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Either Jubilee or Gambit. I pick Gambit. Bishop was pretty cool too.

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the best X-men in the 90's were:

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For me Gambit was the best character of the 90's. He was a thief but reliable in a crunch, but had shady friends. Also when Bishop appeared accusing Gambit of being a trator to the X-Men, reinforced the view of Gambit as someone that was not entirely trustworthy. That combined with his trying to romance Rogue the virtually unattainable woman due to her guilt over how her powers affect others.

One other thing the 90's were really the last time Wolverine was still a great character. He was the outlaw, the outsider who could go off and do stuff on his own due to his longlife and mysterious history. He was the loyal foot soldier of the X-Men that had to be reigned in from time to time who had a less optimistic worldview then Xavier, the boyscout and the rest.

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@dangallant984 said:

Gambit and Jubilee both joined in the 80's.

No they didn't. They weren't even introduced in the 80s.

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@X35: okay, I was wrong about Gambit, but I'm sure Jubilee was at least introduced in the 80's. maybe she wasn't on the team yet. Sorry for the mistake.

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Wanted to vote for bishop but then I remembered Gambit.

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@AgeofHurricane said:



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Gunna go with Rogue, the 90s was good to Rogue

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