Best X-Man of the 60s

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Cyclops for me.

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Does Xavier count?

because if he doesn't it's still a tie, for me, between Iceman and the Beast.

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Iceman for knowing how to rock a pole!

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Marvel Girl. I loved her showing in the First Official Girl Power Moments of the X-Men:

(Unfortunately, I couldn't find the panels before this when she distracts Magneto and his Mutates by telekinetically throwing things at them, while subtly activating Cyclops' visor while they were busy dodging.

Just to put this into perspective, this issue of X-Men was released in 1969. Invisible Woman didn't become Malice until about Fantastic Four 281-285 which were published in 1985 (she changed her code name to Invisible Woman shortly thereafter) and IIRC John Byrne really drove the dynamic change in Sue's forcefields by giving her more control over them in the late '70s and he began to write Sue as more confident and assertive in the early '80s. Basically, between Jean, Wanda and Storm, the majority of Girl Power!!! moments came from X-Women/female mutants for much of the early to mid Marvel timeline, and Jean lead that charge!

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