Best of the x-men

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When i first saw this trailer, what interests me was

1 'The war is coming' it said in the x-men trailer, the mansion was blow up, so it was like a new chapter in the x-men world.
2 When I first saw the big sentinals, it look good and interesting 

3 Wolverine facing the Hulk 

4 The intro of the x-men characters in the first episode 

I've seen five episodes so far

Bad points

Wolverine looks so bad, his chest is to big and legs is to slim

the uniforms look very bad

beast,iceman & colossus look very poor

Gambit looks bad and sounds black.

This cartoon reminds of x-men evolution

Good points

Cylops, Rogue & Emma frost looks and sounds good  

I like emma frost and wolverine relationship so far, very entertaining

The sentinals in the future and at the begining look very good.

Kitty sounds funny

Magneto kicking x-men butt.

It is new chapter, them rebuilding the x-men mansion. i am looking forward to seeing what happens in the series.

X-Men evolution

this cartoon is very bad, one of the worst cartoons i have ever seen. I only watched 2 seasons of this cartoon and then I gave up on it. It's too childish, the x-men writers main target market are children but they do have an adult audience as well,
 this cartoon abandons that. 

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Pryde of the x-men was Legit

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pixelized said:
"Pryde of the x-men was Legit"

that cartoon was so bad
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As much as TAS kept close to the comic books, the voice acting drove me batty, a lot of  it was so bad. And the animation was pretty mediocre for the time.

X-Men Evolution started slow... but really started to pick up in the second season. It was getting better and better and it was a damn shame it was cut short (not to mention the fourth season never put out on DVD). And the animation and the voice acting was quite good.

I have not seen Wolverine and the X-Men yet, I don't have cable.

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time said:
"pixelized said:
"Pryde of the x-men was Legit"

that cartoon was so bad"
i had it on VHS and watched it over and over and over..i Liked it, why did you not like about it?
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time said:
"pixelized said:
"Pryde of the x-men was Legit"

that cartoon was so bad"
That was the worst episode I have seen.

The Animated Series, Evolution and Wolvie nd the X-Men have been some of the best cartoons I have ever had the pleasure of watching.
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seriously, no one liked it?

Emma and dazzler were in it so that may be screwing with my judgement
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X-men:evolution was the best

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