Avenging X-Men

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Admittedly, I'm unaware if a similar thread has been posted before, but... I read somewhere, someone was speculating that if there will be an Uncanny Avengers, why not an Avenging X-Men team?

Just as X-Men are now involved in taking down global Avengers threats (like Red Skull), perhaps a X-Men team will be formed that has Avengers to tackle mutant-related threats.

This is of course purely speculation and not a spoiler in any way.


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My List of Avenging X-Men:

Quicksilver - Former Avenger and X-Factor member. Much like Wanda in Uncanny Avengers is looking to redeem himself

Magneto - former villain. Quicksilver's estranged father. (father/son conflict!)

Beast - one of the original x-men and former BFF to Cyclops

Cyclops (if he's alive) - former mutant leader

Spider-man - the "kitty pryde" of the group. much like the x-men, often misunderstood. esp by the press.

Daredevil - mostly coz he's kick ass and although he's recently joined the Avengers, i would like to see him more in a team dynamic

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my avenging x men

1. namor- king of atlantis and he has been both an avenger and an xman

2. quicksilver- avenger and mutant

3.magneto- the master of magantism

4. nightcrawler

5. nova

6. she-hulk

7. hawkeye


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the hulk


black panther (shuri)

iron fist


the vision 2.0

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Hulk (as Fixit) Beast X-23 Thompson Venom Psylocke Spider-Man

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