Any new Xmen animations after 'Wolverine + Xmen'?

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I was wondering if there are any lined up animated series about the Xmen after Wolverine and the X-men...I was so shocked that that series was cancelled it was pretty good actually and the animation was much better to me than previous version of animations.I wonder if the guys who did Young Justice , not the studio(coz it's DC) but the animators and artists in general could be hired to reboot the Xmen animation series.Their animation in my opinion is second to none though the one of Wolverine and the Xmen comes a close second.

All Xmen need is a complex storyline that feeds into the subplots and continues through the whole season, something that the Young Justice writers did very well.

I hope a new serious and mature Xmen animated series comes on for example if the story is about the X-force, even if they wanted to go the way of a younger team like or X-factor it could work as well maybe even the X-men 2099 version. In fact just resuming Wolverine and the Xmen season 2 would be just fine(though that is totally unlikely) As long as we know the show is from the 'Xverse' but not Manga anime stuff

Would you want to see a new X-men animated series?

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The animators that did Young Justice are currently contracted under DC and have been doing animation for the DC animated movies......I had always hoped for an X-men show similar in story telling to Young Justice.

Here is fan art someone did based on the YJ character designs

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@martian81: Wolverine and the x-men was very hit or miss depending on who your favorite character was. Because they straight up said they dumbed down and weakened some characters like Storm to make the series 'better'....
Why don't they give every character the respect and shine they deserve like in the original x-men animation.
Wolverine is okay-- but it's insulting to say he is THAT much better than Storm, Cyclops, Rogue and Magneto.
There are tons of straight up EPIC storylines (that have won awards) that have NEVER been transferred to animation episodes yet: Lifedeath, Fall of Mutants, Second Coming, Utopia, House of M, Cyclops vs Storm, Joss Whedon's run, etc..)

The animators that did Young Justice are currently contracted under DC and have been doing animation for the DC animated movies......I had always hoped for an X-men show similar in story telling to Young Justice.

Here is fan art someone did based on the YJ character designs


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If they make a new X-men animation, they should do one in the style of justice league where everyone gets time to shine, OR a all new X-men where its the younger kids mixed with old( just to ease in the everyday masses) or new mutants.

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@poisonfleur: Jos whedons run has been animated. It's even on netflix. Astonishing X-Men

Also, I think a cool idea would be to do the actual O5 story line for 7/8 epidsodes as a first season, but more modernized like xmen evolutions (i.e. prof x gathers scott, iceman, beast, warren, and marvel girl, and battles magneto in first episode). then you run through some key O5 stories, like the sentinels and what not.

then you open up the second season with the Giant Sized X-Men and uncanny 94 story, to get rid of some O5 and introduce the next generation. Then you get into brood, shi'ar, more sentinels, hellfire club story from the 94 generation and up; all the while you introduce the New Mutants like cannonball, sunspot, mirage, magik, shadowcat, karma, wolfsbane, doug and warlck.

then the 3rd season, you can make that 94 generation dissapear in space and do some New Mutants storylines. Then halfway through, you mix back in the 94 generation. and for the huge battle, do the inferno storyline. the last episode prof x is missing, the uncanny xmen go away, and the new mutants leave the school.

then i think it should stop there.

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Poison fleur I dont think X-men and Wolverine was hit and miss.It was the first season and cannot be judged against Xmen TAS which had 5 seasons and Xmen Evolution which had 4. Granted the story of Xmen TAS was perhaps best overall and gave each member a balanced screentime and relevance in the team powerwise and storywise but Wolverine and the Xmen was doing the same with an engrossing story spanning the whole season, Storm had her storyline, Nightcrawler had one,Scott had one (looking for Jean), Emman Frost had one.It's unfair to downplay the series after one season. To me it was way better than Evolution(Evolution failed to mature over 4 seasons) and definitely the animation was better than the 90's show.

I realise that the best way to move the animated series is to perhaps hire the animators who did Hulk vs Wolverine to do an entire season.In the same gritty and dark style, perhaps even gory (when it comes to Wolverine or Sabretooth) I was thinking of a plot line where in the future where the MRD has 'triumphed' and keeps mutants medicated to suppress the X gene.However the government does keep a secret facility where they choose to keep specific mutants to train their powers so that they can use them for covert and special missions.So like these mutants are under the care of Prof Xavier and he tries to give them hope that they will be set free, meanwhile Magneto and the brotherhood are vigilantes and freedom fighters who have evaded MRD capture and are trying to break out incarcerated mutants and foiling government plans .However unbeknown to them their leader is Fabian Cortez who using his blood (by giving them regular injections) gives them ability to overpower the genetic inhibitors from MRD to use their natural abilities , but this comes at a price he controls them...Pretty dystopian plot but I think it would really work at least for the first season.

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