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I see this picture a couple of years ago , it was in a poster book of x-men, i couldn't remember what it was from , i seen it again in black & white in  a x-force issue, can you please tell me is this from a comic ?, can you get it in colour somewhere ?



what issue is this from, where cylops, jean cable & domino, are all in ?

I collected this first issues of rogue, cause it look good and i like rogue, but i didn't collect the rest cause i wasn't to impress with the story, can someone tell me was series good and what happen to rogue in th end ?

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I believe the pic of Cable and Domino is from Cable issue 20. It was a tie in to Legion Quest.  The black and white pic is one of the pieces of promo art they had in the comics just before Fatal Attractions. It's in a poster book as well.

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that black and white picture looks brillant, cable looks cool, so does wolverine and sabretooth. If anyone has the this picture in colour please scan it, it such a cool picture. I didn't get collect cable issue 20, is it good issue ?                      

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It's a cool issue. All the legion Quest issue were cool IMO. You see a soft side of Cable in that issue. It's one of the first times Marvel did it so it was cool.

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