An x-men Chess set - who would be which piece?

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I was having this convo a while back when I was making my star wars chess set and I was thinking of who I'd want as each peice in an xmen chess set. My first draft was something akin to

ing: magneto

Queen: mystic

bishop:Arc Angel

Bishop: Emma Frost

knight: Sabretooth

knight: Deadpool

Rook: Pietro

Rook: Wanda

Pawn: Toad

King: Professor

Queen: Jean

Bishop: Storm

Bishop: Beast

knight: Scott

knight: Logan

Rook: Nightcrawler

Rook: Shadowcat

Pawn: Rogue

I had reservations about making rogue a pawn, but every pawn has the chance to become a queen sooooooo

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The players are Prof. X and Magneto.

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants = Black Pieces

King - Quicksilver

Queen - Scarlet Witch

Bishops - Mystique

Rooks - Blob

Knights - Sabretooth

Pawns - Toad

X-Men = White Pieces

King - Cyclops

Queen - Jean Grey

Bishops - Storm

Rooks - Colossus

Knights - Wolverine

Pawns - Nightcrawler

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It all seems rather random.I would have thought, Emma Frost ~ White Queen, and Selene ~ Black Queen, but whatever you desire, it's your chess set

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@Duke_Nasty said:


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Brotherhood of Evil Mutants = Black Pieces

King - Magneto

Queen - Mystique

Bishops - Mastermind

Rooks - Blob

Knights - Sabretooth

Pawns - Toad

X-Men = White Pieces

King - Professor X

Queen - Jean Grey

Bishops - Storm

Rooks - Cyclops

Knights - Wolverine

Pawns - Nightcrawler

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King- Cyclop

Queen- Emma

Bishop- Storm

Knight- Wolverine

Rook- Colossus

Pawn- Jubilee (lol, I dunno)

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  • King-Storm
  • Queen- Jean
  • Knight- Colossus
  • Bishop- Bishop
  • Rook- Archangel
  • Pawn- Iceman


  • King- Cyclops
  • Queen- Psylocke
  • Knight- Wolverine
  • Rook- Rouge
  • Bishop- Gambit
  • Pawn- Beast

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