Alright people just hear me out... Psy-clops!

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The mutants newest power couple! Ok let's be honest cyclops and Emma aren't looking to good right now, I could honestly care less. Bestsy and warren, well I love them I'll be real, but warren isn't the same man is he? Not a trace of his former is present. And anybody like me who grew up in the 90s reading x men know Scott and bets have had some serious chemistry Betsy has been the bad girl to his boy scout. If I remember correctly there were a few catty moments between jean and bets because of this obvious attraction. We know they have the physical attraction, idk where they stand emotionally but maybe Scott's new bad boy attitude will lock this deal down. Way I see it. Roro's x force goes to hunt down Scott's crew psylocke makes contact with cyke throw a few blows get locked up in some type of combat hold and psylocke says " %@&$ it!" lays a hard kiss on him she starts to pull her katana and cyke hits her with a blast only hard enough to break the hold. They both smirk and magik ports Scott out of there. Betsy smiles and takes off reporting she lost him. Bam! there's the spark right there. Come on marvel he's he's had strawberry and vanilla time for some... Grape? Tell me what you think!

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OK, the correct term is; 


And it's a coupling that actually has groundwork in the 90's. They did have some rather cute moments together. 
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It was tried.

It failed.

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@TheCrowbar said:

It was tried.

It failed.

It wasn't tried, and it didn't fail. 
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@FadeToBlackBolt: It was tried, Psylocke had a bit of crush on him, he rejected her. Going back to that well is a bad idea.

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@TheCrowbar: Revanche's left over personality was causing Psylocke to want to be with Cyke. He was attracted to her and liked her, but they agreed to be friends, because he was with the boring Redhead. It was just a teased story, never went anywhere because Jean Grey was there to bring down the franchise.
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Psylocke > Jean Grey.

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Well it has been quite some time Scott has changed a lot he ain't got no ring on his finger! So honestly I don't see why he wouldn't he is no stranger to psychics, obviously. Betsy told jean to her face what she wanted to do to Scott. But it never happened. I'm just saying I hope marvel didn't forget that chemistry. They should give it a shot.

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Yeah for me it's betwee cy-locke. It psy-clops. Is there a way to write to marvel! I feel so adamantly about this now! Bets is such a good person but a total bad-ass! Scott need her. And she needs Scott. Well not really but it would be very cool.

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You haven't been reading Uncanny X-Force, have you?

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Are you referring to fantomex? Yes I have been reading it.

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Mmhmm. It takes the chance of this pairing to happen out of the way.

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I like the idea, and the opening post was funny.   But I find it annoying that everyone wants characters to get a new partner so soon.  Again why can't Emma, and Slim be single for a while kiss some frogs, and wait for one of them to turn into a Prince or Princess?  Possible SPOILER:  Also Bets just lost Warren then to a certain extent Jean too. Are comic book characters that lonely that they need to be in relationships all the time?  I think it would be good to see some interactions, flirt, and etc...   But not a full on relationship already IMo (+) 
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I don't like fantomex personally I don't think they're set in stone by any means. He's just French lol. Yeah I mean let's give them a bit before anything happens but I'd like bets to be in Scott's queue. She's the only possible choice without getting back with Emma. I like Emma single. She too much of a hood rat to be in a relationship

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Any one else for it?

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i don't see them working out as well as scott/emma did. emma was a nice, cynical match to cyclops' 'super-hero' world view. i imagine betsy as the type to get bored of trying to ground him the way emma did. she'd just be in it for the physical side of things. not an actual relationship.

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@Mercy_ said:

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@Blood1991 said:

@Mercy_ said:

But the look on Warren Worthington and Emma Frost's face would be priceless.

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Yeah great, just what Cyclops needs, another girlfriend character that is more interesting and has more depth than him, to help build his fan base and boost his wish fulfillment status quota. Honestly I think he needs to have some solo time to help rebuild his character after years of character slaughter by incompetent writers. Writing characters in a relationship only works well when both characters are well defined and written individually first and at the same time as being engaged with another. Personally I prefer he take a boat to Alaska, grow a beard and take up a role as a senior adviser to the X-Men. Give him great inner monologues, have his advice be granted on occasion and when it is given have it be great and effective but again not too often. Just yeah, more romantic problems and plot devices after years of them? Guy needs a break. Needs to be refreshed and revitalized.

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Cyclops should go gay.

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Ha! Who would be his gay lover...Logan? I always thought all that anger was just sexual tension

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But seriously I think they're very well defined character. Scott doesnt make sense in Alaska he's a team leader anyone who really pays attention to cyke knows he's not a solo character. Betsy deffinately could go solo but she's team player. I'm not saying cyke and psylocke should get married I just think a low key physical relationship that turns into a true romance would be really great for them if it's written with a happy ending. Drama is fun sometimes too as long as it doesn't over shadow main story lines an action sequences.

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I for one would like to hear from Purps...

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@X35 said:

I for one would like to hear from Purps...

is the only person allowed to ship Cylocke. Besides like BB said, Psylocke and Fantomex are together. Cyclops should just stay single for the time being.

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No, that's ok. I'm fine with Cyclops being on his own to figure out whatever he needs to and I don't think Psylocke will ever be strong enough to be half of a power couple (sorry, Bets!).

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Nah, fesak had the right idea.

@Imperius_Rex said:

Ha! Who would be his gay lover...Logan? I always thought all that anger was just sexual tension
It's better when you zoom it by clicking it


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y'know, I'm actually not as opposed to this now that I have a few drinks in me. I really never gave a flying toss about Cyclops back in the day, and then he hooked up with Emma/got out from under Jean and became one of my favourite characters.. if they'd had the guts to go through with this ten years earlier (with Betsy), imagine how cool he'd be by now!

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@Imperius_Rex said:

Scott doesnt make sense in Alaska he's a team leader anyone who really pays attention to cyke knows he's not a solo character.

Fictional character. Last time Cyclops was paired with a character romantically was because the writer thought he was boring. How does that make sense in the in universe reality? Hell, I challenge any CV poster to make a list of things in X-Men that don't really make sense but happens, or alternatively didn't make sense in idea but was executed well. You can do a great job as well, with this thread as an example, an idea that might not make sense to others but you explained how it could work. Thats the thing, you make it make sense and you make it make sense for a reason. Could Cyclops and Psylocke work? Sure, why. Take any idea that might not make sense, and then execute it so it does and then have a reason why. Fact is the character has gone to Alaska in the past to have a life without the X-Men <insert anyone who doesn't agree with me obviously doesn't know what they are talking about style comment> (I am just being silly there mind you, no mean snarkyness intended =) I am not saying there aren't complications with him going there now, I just sincerely believe its the best way to salvage the character and its very easy as far as the characters history/consistency and most of all the reasoning behind why is legitimate.

@Imperius_Rex said:

would be really great for them if it's written with a happy ending.

Sort of like how if every writer after Morrison and Whedon wrote Emma and Cyclops well it would be really great. It would be really great but we have to remember actual writers will be writing them, X-Men won't end in 5 years, so there won't be a happy ending. Last time Cyclops had a chance for a happy ending was under Claremont and guess what that idea included? Alaska lol That troll Chris Claremont must not know anything about the character... For me personally again thats why I wouldn't want a Psyclops pairing unless I really trusted the writer behind it and they would have to be a very good writer.@Imperius_Rex said:

Drama is fun sometimes too as long as it doesn't over shadow main story lines an action sequences.


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I liked the flirtation back in the 90s but not a full-blown romance between them.

Not that it always has to boil down to hook-ups....but I wonder if something's gonna go down with him and Illyana, eh?

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You think?? Has illyana ever made an advance? Scott usually goes for the psychics. I think he will stick with that. Colossus would kill hiiim

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I, like many other would prefer to see Cyc take a leave an absence, go into limbo for a while or just die already. we need a break from him. But since he continues to not let go of the reigns of the X-men, I would like him to go through some therapy with someone he can trust and who still is a psychic. Enter Psylocke. Now they don't have to rush into a relationship but i like the idea of them working together, him relying on her now that he has lost Emma, and doesn't have her psychic power, so Betsy would be a cool addition to his team. Have Emma turn coat and rejoin the X-men on the West Coast so she can teach and have Psylocke go renegade and join the new Brotherhood. And in a year or two have them start hooking up. I want to see them finally finish what they started in the 90's. :p

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I've had the same thoughts in my head! Psylocke and Cyke please!

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Thats what I like to hear! Lol

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gambit and psylocke would be a pretty hot and sensual couple

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Why are people assuming she would even be interested in him? Even in the 90s part of Betsys mind was in Revanche, and vice versa that caused her to flirt and it had more to do with her using sex appeal not out of any genuine emotions, it was Revanches personality she liked to seduce men, this was also when the Jean/Logan thing was being played up, seemed like somebody thought it was a good idea to create tension on Scotts end with the female closest to Wolverines personality. Anyway as soon as Revanche died, Betsy got her her mind and full power back (minus precognition) and her personality was clean and the real Besty was not attracted to Scott and it ended so she started dating Warren, because she is a rich socialite and he was a billionaire playboy and they worked.

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