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@akbogert: Which compared to the Jean Grey School ( god knows how many times the mansion's got blown up and its students killed ), the new Xavier School is VERY safe. Hell, no one even knows where it is ;)

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@avenger85: Oh, I'm not comparing the two schools. I am simply saying the "choice" to go home and the "choice" to go to the other school are very different things.

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Hey you gais, take a look:

I know most of you probably saw them already but whatevs. Courtesy of CBR.

I have mixed feelings about these beautiful pages:

1) How much of a caveman can Logan be? Jean was "hurt" because of the lack of control of her own powers, the Ucanny Team had nothing to do with it, but the moment she falls back like a damsel in distress Logan pops out his claws and starts acting like a mad man, Storm not so far behind as it seems.

2) Mags throwing away Logan like garbage. Beautiful.

3) Jean suddenly blowing away everyone with TK, even Magik, but the Cuckoos resisting like badasses, making her back down, amazing.

I can't wait for Wednesday to come. I just seriously hope Bendis doesn't make Jean pull a "boost" while getting owned by the Cuckoos. If she somehow manages to overcome them, I will seriously slap a bitch.

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I think angel going with scott's team is just an act to find where the new xavier school is

yeah i thought that too

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