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Over the course of her life, STORM has been many things: A thief. A goddess. An X-Man. A Wife. A Queen. But not until now have these roles come into conflict. When a mutant commits a mysterious murder in Wakanda, Storm takes it upon herself to investigate. And what she discovers will force her into a position where she must choose: Will she stand with the X-Men or with her husband? Writer Chris Yost (X-FORCE, NEW X-MEN) and up-and-coming artist Diogenes Neves bring you this first part of a limited series that will change Storm forever...

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X-Men: Worlds Apart Exceeds Expectations 0

Overview:  X-Men: Worlds Apart is a comic book story about Super Heroine Storm and her battle with evil villain Shadow King. Shadow King has many abilities, one of them is the power of possession in which he uses to simultaneously possess Storm's husband the Black Panther ruler of  Wakanda and her long time friend and leader of the X-Men Cyclops. Storm had always had a growing conflict within herself, being a Queen to her new found country or having to be available to fight alongside her team fr...

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Good 0

The cover:4/10  It look a little bit childish her face is so small compared to her body and those ELEPHANT HIPS have got to GO!The Story: 7/10 It's really good IMO. It starts off with friction between Cyke and Storm. Which is really stupid because Ororo is now empowered as queen to help mutants on a much BIGGER scale. And he complains because she stays in Wakanda too much. I loved when the general hit her and she went BALISTIC! One of the best Strom moments ever "You breath when I allow it." wil...

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