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A Shi’ar envoy more or less kidnaps all the X-Men present – in this case Xavier, Storm, Forge and Jubilee – as they are expected to appear at an official royal function on the recently annexed Kree homeworld, Hala!

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Embarrassingly stupid example of self-important 90s Marvel 0

Remember the 90s, when everyone seemed to buy into the X-books and characters? X-Men Unlimited was something of a stand-alone series to begin with, and most issues of this oversized series tended to have self-contained stories. That was a truly positive selling point after the endless crossovers and tie-ins of the decade had led to a disastrous drop in readers and fans, so Unlimited wisely avoided that and tended to do more in-depth character studies and emotional stories than action-packed supe...

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Hard Promises 0

The X-Men receive an Imperial summons to witness the assimilation of the Kree Empire into the Shi'Ar Empire. Once they arrive on the Kree home world of Hala, however, they quickly learn that although the Kree have been defeated, they have not yet been conquered. A strong resistance movement to Shi'Ar rule exists, and the X-Men find themselves swept up in the conspiracy. The X-Men and the Empress Lilandra quietly work together to broker peace, while Deathbird, the Empress's bloodthirsty sister, s...

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