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A Plague Among Us:

After attending to some business in Moscow, Phoenix, Beast, Storm, Cable and Gambit are attacked by a mind-controlled Darkstar, their friend from the Winter Guard. After freeing Laynia from the control cast upon her, they learn that she was investigating some strange occurrences on Rebirth Island at the request of some of the locals. Gambit flirts with Darkstar as the X-Men offer their help. Laynia teleports everyone to Rebirth Island where they note the desolateness of the abandoned research station, until they are attacked by some droids. With the droids easily destroyed, the Black Death introduces himself and reveals his predicament, that the Russian authorities deemed his mutant power of influence too powerful, so they experimented on him with this virus. He is the one who mind controlled Darkstar into attacking the X-Men because he wants the Beast to help cure him of his condition. The Beast has no choice but to help him when the Black Death puts the others under his control. Beast begins his work while trying to call out to Phoenix, who is finally woken from her dream, and starts about setting the others free. The X-Men and Darkstar attack the Black Death and the “cure” that Beast was working on turns out to be stun gun, which knocks him out. Darkstar prepares to take him to the authorities so he can be helped and so they can all make amends for their wrong-doings, while the X-Men return home, everyone safe.

Garden State Slaughter:

Deadpool is in a bad state, and thinks back to a mercenary mission he was once on which involved a troubled young girl, who after he helped her committed suicide soon after. At the time he took full responsibility for her and buried her “Sandee Wade” along with some money which he swore never to use because it was blood money - but now he needs the money, and digs it up, hoping that Sandee will understand, after all, she is his family.

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