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Kitty & Sarah

This issue is all about the relationship between Kitty Pryde and Marrow. The subplot of the X-men in the NYC subway system attempting to foil Flag-Smasher's terrorism plays second fiddle to the bizarre relationship between Marrow and Kitty. Days after reading this issue, I still don't know if I like Brian K. Vaughn's interpretation of these two X-men. I understand that Marrow didn't get to have a normal life and that she has a mixture of envy and resentment for the human race and the more "normal looking" mutants like Kitty, but here it seems to fluctuate from hate to jealousy to a romantic attachment, and frankly it creates an almost schizophrenic tone. I'll give Vaughn the benefit of the doubt because I'm reading a single issue and not reading any other works he may have written in the X-men Unlimited cannon. The heavily 90's digital art here is bad. I couldn't stand Patrick Gleason's art here. From what little I've seen of his current work he's a good artist, but the art in this book is cartoonish at best, but I spent the vast majority of this issue wishing it had better art. I give it three stars because it wasn't really good or bad. I'm kind of indifferent to this comic and had it not been for the characters featured, it could have warranted a lower rating.


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