crowrider's X-Men: The Last Stand review

X marks it WRONG

Ok lemme get this straight: I LOVE THE X-MEN, I love Wolverine, Angel, Nightcrawler et la bella compania.... now...the hardest part;
This movie made me cry. I don't mean emotionally, no ; its the neglect to logic and outrageous focus on all things wolverine. sure it had great moments, but most of em led to utter pointlessness; after the masterpieces of X1 & 2 they give us this bowl of crapola on these levels:
1. neglect of logic A: ok, magneto, the grand strategist, has to kill the mutant from which the sapiens gain the cure. WHY THE HELL DOES HE NEED A HUGE ASSAULT FORCE APART AS A DISTRACTION?? he could've easily distracted the U.S. military with em (who by the way didnt intervene when he was moving the friggin BRIDGE) and simply DROP THE BRIDGE ON TOP OF THE ALCATRAZ FACILITY and save himself the entire stress of going thru a full scale battle!
2. neglect of logic B: Wolverine leaves Westchester New York and with no apparent passage of time he arrives to that forest thing; either that forest base was closer than they thought (near to NY? really?) or otherwise the brotherhood stood around doing nothing hearing magneto's hence never-ending speech till wolverine came - either way...stupid
3. neglect of logic C: THE BROTHERHOOD HAD THE FRICKIN PHOENIX ON THEIR SIDE AND MAGNETO! both could ve simply torn down the building leech was in and end of story. WHY ON EARTH DID THEY STALL??? sure, it could ve been overconfidence and hubris but then again wasnt magneto determined to destroy the cure??
 4: repetitiveness of themes from 1st n second movie: movie 1: Wolverine & his origins, Wolverine dillyancing with Jean, Rogue moping over lack of control of her powers and Prof X & Mags duking it out over ideologies- movie 2:  Wolverine and his origins, Wolverine dillyancing with Jean, Rogue moping over lack of control of her powers, and Weapon X, 3: Wolverine & his origins, Wolverine dillyancing with Jean, Rogue moping over lack of control of her powers and Prof X & Mags duking it out over ideologies. HELLO??? originality??? there are HUGE amounts of X-Men stories that could ve been adapted and they ve settled for a pastiche between recycled plots, a toned-down Phoenix saga and the Astonishing X-Men series....WTF???
it had good moments but they were few. Overall, 2 of 5

Posted by Stamps

I agree with everything you said, great review.

Posted by sabre_kitty

Very logical review. I'm not inclined to say much, considering I didn't get into the Marvel deal until after seeing the movies, but I can always say the movies are never better than the actual books.

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