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So close yet So far.

This movie had on of the best trailers I've seen at that moment in time. i was so excited for the release of this movie. but this movie was extremely falsely advertised . Let me give you the desert before the veggies . The action and the special effects was good. I wasn't really bored and any moment of the movie. And the ending left me with possibly hopes of a sequel. Also Storm should more use of her powers. Now her is a list of negative thought about the movie.

1. Cyclopes my favorite x-men character and he died 10 minutes into the movie

2. Where is Nightcrawler?

3. Rogue is the most useless character of the whole series.

4. They tricked into thinking you will see a Sentinel( Not just a head and a shadowy outline).

5. Madrox was in 2 scenes with 7 words of dialogue .

6.Angel did nothing but added ticket sales.

7. This is just a wolverine movie with X-men characters.

8. The Iceman/Pyro battle was a let down .

9. Colossus should of fought Juggernaut not Kitty .

10. This is to be a last stand but only 6 people fought.

This movie had it's moments but was a major let down. I actually haven't seen this movie in years but that shouldn't stop someone else form seeing it.

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