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X marks it WRONG 0

Ok lemme get this straight: I LOVE THE X-MEN, I love Wolverine, Angel, Nightcrawler et la bella compania.... now...the hardest part; This movie made me cry. I don't mean emotionally, no ; its the neglect to logic and outrageous focus on all things wolverine. sure it had great moments, but most of em led to utter pointlessness; after the masterpieces of X1 & 2 they give us this bowl of crapola on these levels: 1. neglect of logic A: ok, magneto, the grand strategist, has to kill the mutant fr...

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Oh dear its the Wolverine and pals show!!! 0

Well I by no means classify myself as an authority on all that is Xmen, but compared to the people who made X3, im God.   There is so much wrong with the film that I will not say everything, ill just point out the big mess ups (well I guess I could just cover that by saying X3 but oh well) and some of the things that really got me pissed. The Spectacular: Ehhh…there was…..ummm…..well how abou…….   Well srry no spectacular from this film. The Good: Well I did enjoy the few scenes with beast ...

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entertainingly mild 0

It's on par with the first X-men. Actually I would say this one is a bit better than the first. It has about the same amount of characterization, and so much action you forget how weak the story is. This movie was supposed to feature the Sentinels. A bunch of mutant hating robots created by a man named Bolliver Trask(present in the movie as a Presidential Aid) at one point the President says to him stop Magneto "With any means possible". I am just guessing here but I will bet the final battle in...

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Not Really of the Same Caliber as the First Two Films 0

I must admit I approached this one with some trepidation. After all, I think a lot of what makes a good film is a good director, and Bryan Singer has proven himself time and again, a great helmsman, while Singer's replacement this time out, Brett Ratner, has proven himself time and time again as... well, an adequate one. I won't bother summarizing the plot, as you can find enough about that in the trailers and other published material inundating the web. Though there are more characters than e...

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So close yet So far. 0

This movie had on of the best trailers I've seen at that moment in time. i was so excited for the release of this movie. but this movie was extremely falsely advertised . Let me give you the desert before the veggies . The action and the special effects was good. I wasn't really bored and any moment of the movie. And the ending left me with possibly hopes of a sequel. Also Storm should more use of her powers. Now her is a list of negative thought about the movie.1. Cyclopes my favorite x-men cha...

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Why Couldn't This Have Been Better? 8

After recently seeing The Wolverine at the cinemas the other day I decided to go through the X-Men film collection, but this time in chronological order (though I accidentally watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine first thinking it was set earlier), continuing with this.PlotSPOILER FREEWhen Jean Grey comes back from the dead as the Phoenix, all the X-Men, as well as the Brotherhood of Mutants want her, with the X-Men wanting to help her, and the Brotherhood wanting her with them to help stop the muta...

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The Act of Sergio Leone Rolling Over In His Grave 3

*I originally wrote this review shortly after seeing this movie in the theater in 2006. I think it's still valid.It was inevitable that I'd go see this movie. I've been a fan of The X-Men since 1975 when I picked up a copy of Giant Size X-Men #1. It sported a cover by the great Gil Kane and interior artwork by Dave Cockrum who I knew and liked from his run on Legion of Super Heroes. I suffered through another fifteen issues of mediocre plotting and insufferable dialogue from Chris Claremont on t...

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This was like a Tribune Entertainment Production 0

This movie is the worst it takes the damage done by the preexisting Films and beats the shit out of it with a wrecking ball. It is a failed attempt to capture the Legendary Dark Phoenix Saga in Movie form. of thanks to the existence artistic license and bright ideas the dam movie is far from the original concept. Characters who should be key to the story and whose characters should get totally developed by the unfolding events (Cyclops and Charles Xavier) get killed for no reason. Other characte...

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