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Still embroiled in the mysteries of the Savage Land, Cyclops and Beast search for Jean Grey. Meanwhile, high above them, Angel confronts revelations that may doom his teammates and himself! And coming to the rescue: Havok and Polaris!

On their way to rescue the X-Men, Havok and Polaris are contacted by Professor X, something they are not yet used to. Before Xavier can give them much assistance, they encounter the same turbulence that sent the first team's vessel into a crash landing. The scene shifts to the Angel, who awakens from his recent solo crash in the mountains of the Savage Land. Angel gives the strangers in the room (and the readers) a brief synopsis of the first two issues of the series: Xavier sent them to the Savage Land to verify the death of Magneto, they crashed and got separated, Marvel Girl was sent away presumably dying, and Angel couldn't follow Beast and Cyclops, having crashed again in the mountains. The Savage Landers tell Angel he is about to take a trip of his own.

Cyclops and Beast, meanwhile, attempt to escape the cage that mysteriously arose around their boat only to be attacked again by the albino winged creatures. The pair quickly dispatch their attackers and make their way into the heart of the technological complex they believe holds Marvel Girl. Marvel Girl is indeed there and soon wakes in captivity after overhearing references to a secret plan. Using her telekinetic abilities, she escapes her prison to seek out the boys and investigate the unusual psychic readings of the place. Ghost Magneto learns of the escape of Cyclops and Beast but that they are approaching the base anyway. Before making much progress into the facility, the pair speculate on the nature of the place as more of a work camp than a retirement center, one with mysterious healing powers, since Cyclops has no evidence of his recent wound other than a slightly torn uniform.

Ka-Zar meets up with Havok and Polaris, who made it through the turbulence without incident. After some tense introductions, they agree to work together to find the missing X-Men and solve Ka-Zar's problems. Back at Magneto's headquarters, Marvel Girl discovers Magneto's ghost but can't read him telepathically, adding to her confusion. Meanwhile, the Angel finally gets some answers as to the nature of the place from one of the winged beings. Centuries ago, the winged being's ancestors, who were normal humanoids, found this particular recuperative section of the Savage Land and evolved into their present condition over time. Some returned to their former home and coerced their former kinsmen into servitude through deceit and trickery. Using the restorative powers of the land, the winged beings enslaved their kinsmen. Some have realized the error of their ways and are working to make amends.

Cyclops and Beast make their own discoveries deep inside Magneto's citadel: the beings have constructed a giant bomb of some sort, suspended by dozens of what appear to be hot air balloons. Nearby, Jean is surprised and overcome by Magneto's ghost, which turns out to be Magneto's astral plane form. Vengeance is within his grasp.

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Though I haven't read issue 2 (since I don't yet own it in any form), I get the sense the creative team of Byrne and Palmer are finding their way a bit more easily with the series by this point. Having established their knowledge of the history or at least immediate context of where the "hidden years" begins, and knowing where the end goal of GSXM 1 is, Byrne seems to be more at ease with the kinds of stories he can tell, feeling better the freedom of the scenario he is in without being over-enc...

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