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What happened between X-MEN #66 and GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1? This new ongoing series reveals all! Before Onslaught, before Apocalypse... before the world came to know the X-Men as an international band of exotic adventurers... there were a handful of troubled teenagers and one man with a dream. This new monthly series offers readers an easy jump-on point to follow the never-before-revealed exploits of a slimmed-down--but still engrossing--super group!

Epilogue: The original X-Men battle the Incredible Hulk, in a revised telling of the finale of X-Men v1 66. Angel grabs the gamma device from Dr. Banner's underground lab. The X-Men return to the mansion in time to save Professor X.

Prologue: ... or so it seems. Three days later, Iceman quits the team over his frustrations with trust. Angered that Professor X didn't confide in them, that Jean was in on his secret (being alive), and that Xavier ordered them most likely to their deaths without any explanation against the Z'Nox, as well as other minor frustrations, Bobby Drake is no longer an X-Men. Before the X-Men can convince him to stay, Xavier summons them to a debriefing of their recent events. Xavier seems more like his martinet self from the earliest issues of the first series, confusing everyone. Telepathically, Xavier learns of their battle with Grotesk, meeting Lorna, battling Mesmero, meeting Alex, battling the Living Monolith and the Sentinels, meeting Larry Trask and Karl Lykos, the death of Sauron, encountering Ka-Zar, and the seeming death of Magneto. Irate they did not ensure Magneto's death, Xavier berates them, gives them demerits, and sends them back to the Savage Land.

Main Story: The X-Men discuss Xavier's return to his old self, wondering if Banner's gamma device did not fully recover Xavier's mental health, especially since he seems to have forgotten they graduated long ago. Their conversation is cut short as they encounter serious turbulence on their approach to the Savage Land. Back on the campus grounds, Lorna and Alex discuss recent events and Xavier's attitude when Bobby Drake returns to convince Lorna to return to him and forget Alex. After a brief battle which results in Bobby injuring her, Lorna dismisses Bobby from her romantic life forever. Xavier is equally angered by their childish display, recalling them back to the mansion, but Bobby resumes his life away from the X-Men.

Angel finds a path for the Cyclops, Beast, and Marvel Girl to safely land in the Savage Land, and Cyclops carves a landing strip, but the jet gets tangled in the trees, giving Jean a massive concussion. Before the X-Men can do anything about it, a new group of Savage Land natives arrives and knocks them out, though Beast does not go down without a fight. When they awake, the natives explain they are not enemies, just cautious. They inform the X-Men Marvel Girl did not survive her concussion!

Elsewhere, Amphibious eagerly brings news of the return of the X-Men to his master, Magneto, who eagerly welcomes the opportunity of his revenge against those who murdered him. He appears to be a ghost.

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Meanwhile, 30 Years Ago... 0

It was such a good idea. I don't blame John Byrne - given the opportunity to fill in the blanks between X-Men 66 and GSXM 1, I'd have taken it, too. Byrne's ending letter does a fine job of explaining what the series is and is not trying to be, but I'm not sure how successful it is as an apologia. I understand the need to say "I'm not Neal Adams, and I'm not the man I used to be, and we aren't trying to recapture the past," but the whole point of this series is to recapture the past. Byrne might...

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