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 Aliya makes her way through unknown pasrt of her ship the starjammer. She remembers how she arrived on the ship, on an unknown planet in the shiar system she grew up with her mom and one day the planet was attacked and she was sent away with lifeguard of earth who placed her on the ship and she watched as the planet was destroyed.

In the present binary warns her that she cant see or detect anything in that area and she hears a loud sound behind her, instinctively she flee s and fires shots into the darkness.

Inside Nightcrawler and Jean prepare to go into nocturne’s mind. When they dive in they see her fractured memories and try to repair them. Aliya scrambles into a hangar and sees a stealth ship she tries to get it connected to the starjammer her mother appears before her and the two embrace. Jean begins to succumb to dark phoenix and kurt kisses her to bring her back to her senses. Back inside nOturne’s memories they see a transaction between a surprisingly evil empress lilandra who brokers a pure blooded brood from the slavers she offer a host for this brood in the form of her sister deathbird.

In the hangar deathbird stabs aliya in the stomach and changes into a brood queen, defiant to take over the shiar instead of be used by empress lilandra, aliya shoots at it. Kurt and jean return from nocturne’s mind and she’s back to normal, she has been cured, jean however senses something dark and sinister she thinks something went wrong while they were off saving nocturne. Aliya then comes in and greets everyone but fails to mention the brood, she is apparently infected. Back on earth kitty goes over her campaign and reads one of her five destiny’s diaries….Phoenix’s fall shall be the X-Men’s bane.…..Phoenix reborn shall herald their doom!

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