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X-Men: The Early Years reprints the classic Stan Lee - Jack Kirby X-Men #1.  
At the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Professor Charles Xavier summons his students; Cyclops, Angel, The Beast and Iceman. He runs them through a series of training exercises. The exercises crumbles into the four X-Men stumbling and fumbling over each other.  
Professor X breaks up the wrestling match, and introduces the four boys to the Institute's latest student, Jean Grey. The Professor explains to Jean that there are many mutants like the X-Men in the world. His purpose in forming the team is to protect mankind from "the evil mutants". 
One such evil mutant is Magneto. From his lair near Cape Citadel, Magneto causes a NASA missile to go off course and self-destruct. Magneto wreaks havoc across the Cape the next day using the weapons and tanks there. He uses magnetized dust particles to sky-write a message demanding the surrender of the base.  
As Magneto goes about taking the base by force, Xavier gathers his X-Men to face this "master of magnetism". Magneto launches a missile stike against the teens, and they work together using their powers to neutralize the threat. Finally he traps them in a magnetic field and escapes. 
Having saved the day, the X-Men are congratulated by both the base commanding officer, and Xavier, who calls them back to the Institute.     

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