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Otherworldly wonder at the top of one world and the heart of another! In the Arctic Circle, the X-Men and Alpha Flight find a power that could save the world at the cost of destroying...what? But cost is no object when the power is revealed as a gift from Loki, who doesn't like it when his gifts are returned! When the God of Lies loses his own prize, he decides one bad turn deserves another and sets his magic against the X-Men, only for the New Mutants to take the fall...and rise to Asgard! The X-Men ride to the rescue, but can even the mightiest mutants survive the multiple magics of myth? Collects X-Men and Alpha Flight #1-2, New Mutants Special Edition, and X-Men Annual #9.

Plot Overview

Mutants - ordinary people, gifted with a unique X-factor in their genetic make-up giving them extraordinary abilities - are all around us. While some use these powers for unspeakable evil, others, like the mutant outlaws known as the Uncanny X-Men and their juniors, the New Mutants, as well as the Canadian team of mutants and heroes, Alpha Flight, have gathered together their awesome abilities in the service of mankind!

But when these heroes of god-like powers meet the true gods of Norse mythology, the mutants' struggle for the fate of mankind quickly becomes a struggle for their own survival - in a world where gods make the rules. And the gods cheat.

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