eldestrisk's X-Men: Second Coming #2 - Sacrifices review

Finally the finale.

 First of all, the ending was great, we all saw it coming, but was the only one it could be.

The Good:

Hope was well written on this issue, it felt akward for me how she was portrayed before, but Emma did explained it "some people hate her and the rest are expecting her to turn water into wine, besides her father just died" her relation with Cyclops is growing into something that if handled well could turn into something really interesting, in general what I enjoyed the most of this issue was how the characters were written, Magneto, Beast, Namor, Iceman, Cyclops, Prodigy, etc. We also get to see the aftermath in the life of other, Colossus, Karma, Hellion. 
I have to say that what I enjoyed the most was Storm and Wolverine conversation, again, excellently well written, Wolverine's participation on this issue reminded me a little of that great character he once was, the same goes for Storm that in the past years hasn't been the same.
Finally Cyclops, besides many people feeling his "rough leader act" is getting old real soon, I have to say is the type of character that is truly needed in this time, and one I'm truly grateful writers risk to do it that way.
And of course, the appearances of the new X-Force and it's new direction, something that sees promising for the future of X-Readers.

The Bad:

The only thing that could go wrong with this type of issue is the writers messing it up. As I expresed before this was not the case. The only Complaint I could give it, is that with so many characters on screen and only a few of them got some lines, come on even Deadpool didn't open his mouth on this one. The funeral could had been more developed given it was a major character that died.

Final Verdict:

It was the perfect ending, it really was, the future of mutantkind is bright again, they did it, they survived and they re surfaced, I'm glad for them, so should you. 
It's not a perfect 5 just for the fact that in my opinion Cable didn't got the respect he deserved, just saying. Short and almost wordless funeral. (What Hope said was great, but not enough)
Pick it up if you haven't, even if you really don't like X-Men that much, it may surprise you.
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