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X-Men Second Coming 2:Chapter 14 Review


  I want to not just write a generic review. So I decided to do an "unscripted" like review.I thought this would be a cool way to illustrate how i felt about the book and show some of the great art in the book. And G-Man and Babs really look like they have too much fun doing these reviews.well maybe not too much fun, but it looks like they enjoy it for sure Be aware there are several spoilers here. Overall I really enjoyed second coming and although it got a little slow in the middle. I think it concluded a lot of plot lines. That said I think Bastion went down pretty easy.  was expecting a final battle to last at least two of the final issues not just chapter 13. I am really excited to see what new directions will be taken by the x-books.
Posted by MarvelGirl17

Great review, Shermie. Very informative and detailed. Weooo.

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    Finally the finale. 0

     First of all, the ending was great, we all saw it coming, but was the only one it could be.   The Good:Hope was well written on this issue, it felt akward for me how she was portrayed before, but Emma did explained it "some people hate her and the rest are expecting her to turn water into wine, besides her father just died" her relation with Cyclops is growing into something that if handled well could turn into something really interesting, in general what I enjoyed the most of this issu...

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