gold_dust_boi's X-Men: Schism #5 - Schism, Part Five review

Ready? Break!

WORTH IT! I have to tell you the truth, after the stupid prelude nonsense, I was really worried about this storyline. I thought it was going to end up being stupid and lost in the Fear Itself shuffle, but starting with issue #4 this series really kicked in...but WOW! The intense fight between these two brothers-in-arms was epic to say the very least. And to be quite frank with you, at this point who even cared about that stupid killer robot? In fact, I was annoyed we didn't see it get destroyed on-panel...for about two seconds and then realized I didn't even really care.

Now lets look at this really carefully... These two have been friendly rivals for years now, and to see that relationship deteriorate so rapidly over an almost non-issue is heartbreaking. And yes! I said it! A Non-Issue! Cyclops has been chosen over and over again by everyone to make these hard choices and that's exactly what he's done, Logan had absolutely no place to plant explosives around Utopia and threaten to sink it the way he did. It would be one thing if he directly ordered Idie to murder people but he told her to make a decision herself. Now should she have been put in that position? Maybe not...but I seem to recall Kitty Pryde being put into more then one morally ambiguous position and the original New Mutants being sent to both Heaven and Hell (more then once) and having to make tough choices. Should this 14 year old girl have had to make the conscious choice to kill the Hellfire Club soldiers? No of course not, but what exactly were were they expecting?? They put her in a costume, gave her a codename and said "You're an X-man"...are they surprised she had to grow up too fast??

In the end, it was the kids that actually put down the Sentinel while Cyclops and Wolverine recovered from beating the snot out of each other and the other X-men were off island so one almost has to wonder if Scott did make the right decision after all. As the issues closed, we see Wolverine leaving with a group of X-men and returning to the old X-mansion. BALLSY! He has some nerve taking some ill-founded moral stand and THEN squatting his splinter team in the team's original headquarters. I won't spoiler it hear, but if the rumors I hear about the new name of the school are true then he has some seriously large shoes to fill.

Now that its over I can flat out tell you that Wolverine is wrong. I won't get into it too much right now (you'll have to read tomorrow blog post to find out how i REALLY feel) but I will say that much. He made a big deal over about putting children in the line of fire and then in the end ot was the children that saved that collective asses. Learn how to admit when you are wrong Logan and grow up!


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