sniktbub100's X-Men: Schism #4 - Schism, Part Four review

The battle of the centry is upon us !!!

Schism kicks into high-gear FINALLY the two greatest X-men start fighting

The art done by alan davis is FANTASTIC he really knows how to make speechless and also the writing is not half bad because we don't really get what the schism is all about it , cyclops wants to fight that big ass sentinel while wolverine is scared for the kids and wants to evacuate utopia, jean popps into the conversation and then BOOM everything goes red,

with one issue left Aaron has some real explaining to do but this book ids still worth your money i personnally recommend it


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    I guess being a X-Men fan comes with some inherit dillema or "trouble choosing which character you like the most", and this "schism" has always been brought up in the X-titles, from Chris Claremont to Matt Fraction (recently in the conclusion of Second Coming), so it was only a matter of time untill Marvel's editors decided to make it happen the ultimate fight between Logan and Scott Summers - though I´ve always imagined they fighting over Jean Grey, the fact is that Jason Aaron's straigth fowar...

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    It took 4 prelude issues, 3 main issues and a tie-in, but its finally happened! The Schism has begun and with a vengeance! While my reviews are usually about the good the bad and the mutated ugly, this time there wasn't a whole lot of bad. I mean I have a few questionable thought about how they are going about this whole Schism thing, but there were no blatant epic fails in this one.The Bad: One Word. Sentinels. There's something about giant killer robots that, to me, just get dull and played ou...

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