harleyquinn12's X-Men: Schism #3 - Schism, Part Three review

Kids? Really? But Acuna

So the the third issue of X-men: Schism finally hits stores, and to be honest, I enjoyed it. We're provided with an in-depth look at the new hellfire club, and we gtet to see the splitting between Cyclops and Wolverine finally start. We have Daniel Acuna on art for this issue, and I cannot express how much I loved this art.  
What was good?

The art. I love Daniel Acuna's art so much. From the facial expressions to the poses, and the action, everything was spot on. It sets the tone for the overall story arc, and i love the way he draws Emma. As I mentioned in my review for the first issue, Jason Aaron does a great job writing Emma. The clever wit, the fact that they barely mentioned her in the X-Men musuem makes me like her even more. Aaron is also able to build up the tension between Wolverine and Cyclops without it being right in your face, although we can see their relationship straining. The fact that a new group of villains are introduced makes the stake even higher, and I'm intrigued to see how this plays into the main story arc.
What was bad? 
The villains seem less than believable, I just can't believe that a group of four or five kids, with some soldiers can take out the likes of Emma, Namor, and Magneto. I also wasn't crazy about how the X-Men were portrayed here. the fact that they act cocky, and still are taken down by children just adds to the humiliation of their defeat. 
The story overall I am enjoying, and i enjoy some of the dialogue and the art was fantastic, but I can't get paste the hokiness of the villains. It's worth picking up I'd say.


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