sniktbub100's X-Men: Schism #2 - Schism Part Two review

X-men Schism # 2

X-men Schism #1 was a hit issue but let's see if this next issue will follow it's predecessor's foot steps

The Good

The writing Done By Jason aaron is phenominal he's taking he's introducing some new cool villains And the Art is good in my opinion but last issue's art was better and it leaves readers with a very good ending

The Not so Good

I didn't say Bad because technically ther's nothing bad about this book but it has some minor setbacks like Jason Aaron is dragging the story and the event is half done most people wanna see cyclops and wolverine kicking each others asses and the art By Frank Cho doesn't do it it just looks tacky at times

The Verdict

This still a very good and solid issue the event begins to unravel itself at every issue it's just too slow anyway this a Must read for all you x-men fans


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