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Kids? Really?

This whole schism storyline has been bult up as the event of the year but 2 issues in and I'm hating it. It's almost like it's a parody, from the balding 'iranian' president, to the campy quintin quire to those bloody kids. There were some grumbles during the last event about Bastion not being a 'big' enough villian, well we're definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel with this group of kids. Kade on his own I might have been able to endure but the whole group (and especially the way the girl acts) is just too ridiculous.  
Other gripes I had include the 'show of force' well first of all they were drawn pretty campy especially namor, so that pisses me off and then the throwaway comment about bobby drake. I'd be more intimidated by a guy who is made of ice then a girl who can turn into diamonds bloody hell he's an omega mutant I wish just one writer would take up the baton and make iceman who he can be. 
Wolverine and Scott's argument was weak, the writer needs to step it up because these two have had much worse arguments over Jean and in X-Force when he heard about x-23. To tell me they're going to split up the x-men over this, well the big argument is going to have to be more convincing. Also wasn't happy with the art there, why is cyclops emanciated? Is he auditioning for the machinist? And why has wolverine got veins popping out all over his arms? Is he on steds or is the artist too lazy to try and convey how angry he is? In fairness the art wasn't all bad but this was an  important scene and wasnt done well.
The first issue was bland, this issue is just weak.  
One more thing...quentin quire goto your room? didn't this guy cause a riot? Why is he not in the x-brig?????? Don't try and convince me he's a threat then send him to his room like a child. I did like Emma's little present for him though

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Posted by MrUnknown

It's true what you said about Iceman, but Emma is scary just from what she did to Quentin! XD

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