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Schism starts to pick up the pace, but it's still a slow one

After the telepathic attack on the UN by Quentin ' Kid Omega' Quire, the world leaders sentinels gather their sentinel troops. But when their robot start malfunctioning and attacking humans, the X-men go out to save a world which hates and fears them. Meanwhile, the newly appointed leader of the Hellfire club, 12 year old Kane Kilgore, sets his anti-mutant plans in motion. 
Okay, from what I gather, not many people like the idea of an evil 12 year old billionaire with the Hellfire club wrapped around his finger. Personally, I am enjoying this character. Despite being young, he comes across sinister in a very adult way, and I can believe that this kid has grown up plotting his take over for a while. We were introduced to some of his henchmen, or should I say hench-children. They too are mean kids, and we see how sociopathic they can get when a deal with some big bad aliens goes sour. This issues finishes with little Kilgore leading a team about to take on the X-Men's biggest hitters ( "and Iceman" jokes the villians), and I really want to see how these kids pull off taking out the likes of Magneto, Namor and Emma all at once.  
Another thing I think people didn't like was the sentinels being original, old models. I have not problems with this, and in fact it fits in with the sentinels going haywire due to being so old and unkept. 
Marvel heroes are mentioned, such as Iron Man, Thor and Captain Britain. Steve Rogers even makes an appearence. It's good to show how global events in the X-Men's lives effect other heroes.

I can agree with other readers that Kid Omega does not have to be this much of a douche. It's obvious that Kid Omega is simply a catalyst for the events causing this Schism, much like Nitro in Civil War, and he is still causing rifts when Cyclops allows him sanctuary on Genosha (even hiding him from Steve Rogers!). The attitude that comes with Kid Omega is so blatantly written to make you dislike him, that it actually makes you wish he'd just go away. 
Cyclops decision is to keep Omega Kid protected from global scrutiny was a classic 'Cyclops is a douche' move. Yes, it was obviously designed to start the schism between him and Wolverine, but it is quite unrealistic that Cyclops would make such a jerk move. 
Now Wolverine. The problem I had with him in this issue is that right after trying to convince his newly father figured teenage girl (Idie) that she isn't a monster - he goes straight up to Cyclops to ask if he can go stab something. After seeing Wolverine eat ice-cream and buy a doll for Idie in the first issue, his reaction to her feeling like a monster isn't to do anything soft or nice as usual. I just found it a bit flippant. 
Despite the global efforts of X-Men and more, this issue seems to still be stuck at a slow speed. Wolverine and Cyclop's differences are brewing up, but aside from Scott's senseless decision to harbour Kid Omega, their isn't much between Wolverine and Cyclops that could make them stop being best friends forever.

Posted by Tchokes

Good point on the mentioning of Captain Britain, Thor, Iron Man and Steve Rogers. Those were nice touchs indeed. I was so angry I didn't realize them at first.
But unless Kilgore is Mr. Sinister I'm hating still. XD

Posted by Tchokes

I don't like the small genius, but I agree with the descharacterization of Cyclops and Wolverine. Bad storytelling altogether!

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