roter_sand's X-Men: Schism #1 - Schism, Part One review

"I Married a Doombot!"

At last, "Schism," the most important X-Men story arc of the year, is here! 
 "Schism" Part One begins rather routinely with a grouchy Logan blowing off his students and Scott doing the whole "leader" thing. What is interesting about this introduction, however, is the interaction between Logan and Scott. One can, with the help of a flashback panel, see that these two are closer than they have ever been before. A cute line by Logan further reinforces this fact: "When there's somebody around worth following, I follow."  Aww. Too bad we already know how "Schism" is going to end.  
Interestingly, the best part of this issue is reading the warm moments between Scott and Logan. When Kid Omega does his thing at the arms conference, it is effective and hilarious, but I think the nations of the world clearly and rather unrealistically overreact. I just think that the "spark" to set "Schism" off could have been so much more effective.  
That being said, the Kilgore plot is very effective, and the big reveal at the end genuinely surprises.  I am excited to see where this story goes, I just hope the schism will not revolve solely around Sentinels, because Logan and Scott have had WAY bigger things not tear them apart before (even Jean). 
The only real complaint I have with this issue is that its best scenes reinforce the unity of the X-Men, and yet this is a story about how they will be torn apart. Granted, this is classic "set-up" storytelling, but those who are anxious to discover what could possibly break the ties between these two will not find it in this issue.  It is still a must-have series for the sole fact that whatever happens here will directly lead to a relaunch of Uncanny and the addition of Wolverine and the X-Men to comic shelves. Readers like me will also be happy to read this comic for its increased length and very solid artwork by Pacheco.  

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