gold_dust_boi's X-Men: Regenesis #1 - X-Men Regenesis review

All New, All Different Mutant ReGenesis

Here it is folks! What we've been waiting for since the beginning of the year when they first started releasing promotional pictures...the X-men have split! And what a split it is...

To start off I loved that this entire story was set in between the last few pages of Schism #5 as opposed to continuing on with the story from when Wolverine left with his group. Instead of moving right on with the story, the writers took the time to walk us step by step through the dissolution of the mutant empire. There were a few shocks, a lot of obvious choices, and even a few questionable decisions. To be completely fair, a lot of us knew where a lot of mutants were ending up because of the teaser photos that Marvel releases in the preceding weeks, but seeing how they came to be that way was a little jarring in some cases. In Storm's case I knew she was going to be on Cyclops' side when it all fell apart but WOW not in any way I expected. She was gone ladies and gentlemen! Out the door, and on her way. It took Scott Summers, the first X-man, pleading with her to help save the soul of the X-men while their numbers include Magneto, Emma Frost, and Namor. She agreed, but only out of obligation to the X-men, not to Scott in any way. And how about that Emma. We've watched her play second fiddle in Scott's heart to the X-men and the ghost of Jean Grey, but we never dared believe it actually bothered her. I honestly thought I couldn't love Emma more, and then she put Scott in his place about how he treats her and made him WORK to keep her there. I do wonder if she ever had any intention of leaving or if it was an idle threat but ti was enough to rattle the broken leader.

Then there were some sad scenes to watch of course. We all knew that Peter and Kitty broke up after he accepted the power of the Juggernaut, but to see them actually chose opposing sides (in Peter's case to purposely avoid contact with Kitty) was heartbreaking. This couple has been working through their issues for almost as long as they have known each other and had only recently begun having a real chance at being together. Even Rogue and Magneto, who had only barely begun to explore their real feelings for each other, are now in opposing camps in what I suspect will become a mutant cold war. In both of these cases though, the decisions seemed pretty obvious since Magneto and Colossus would never fit in with what Wolverine is trying to build and Storm and Rogue have never really been on board with Utopia's mission.

And let us not forget, the entire animalistic tribal back story playing out behind the real action, mimicing the choices being made by each member while a feral Wolverine beast battles Cyclops' red eyed lion skin. Watching as each member both embraced and rejected a friend and teammate, culminating in the two sides each walking away from the other, splitting friends and relationships, possibly, forever.

Let's not forget that this is the third time that there's been an overcrowding of X-men and a decision has needed to be made with what to do with them. First after the legendary Giant Size X-men #1, Professor X wondered "What are we going to do with 13 X-men!?" The choice then was to have most of the original members leave the team. In X-men (Vol. 2) #1, we saw them for the first time divide into two separate gold and blue team, as the original X-men returned to the fold after many years, but these separate squads still worked in tangent as part of the greater X-men machine. This time however, with an abundance of X-men once again, also brings with it a massive split in ideals in addition members so now we will get to see not just separate squads but also separate camps, leaders, methodologies and just about everything else. I questions the need for a brand new Wolverine & the X-men #1 when they could have just as easily given the X-men (Vol. 3) title to Wolverine and his new school.

This issue was everything I was waiting for and more. It was more then worth the lengthy wait that Marvel put us through and the required suspension of disbelief in terms of continuity but still! Such an amazing issue! Really leaves me watering for Wolverine & the X-men #1 and Uncanny X-men #1 in the comic weeks!

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