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The Great Divide

Alright, so I'm going to do this review a little bit differently. I'm going to say who chose who's side and why. Then I'll do my Good, Bad part. 
Iceman - Wolverine - Wolverine asked him first and bribed him in beer and basically sucked up to him 
Psylocke - Cyclops - Believes that the school is the wrong direction for mutant kind 
Colossus - Cyclops - Doesn't think he's safe to be around kids after the Juggernaut incident 
Shadowcat - Wolverine - She loves the school (?) 
Beast - Wolverine - Wants to teach again 
Magneto - Cyclops - Never really gave a reason though maybe he wants to stay on Utopia (formerly Asteroid M) 
Rogue - Unsure  
Polaris and Havok - Wolverine - They don't want to be near there family so they take Logan's advice and join X-Factor Investigations 
Idie - Wolverine - Being forced to go 
Cannonball - Wolverine - Needs a rest from all the battles 
Husk - Wolverine - Same reason as brother 
New Mutants - Cyclops - They want to be heroes, not normal 
Dazzler - Cyclops - Scott wants her to look after the remaining X-Kids 
Prodigy, Armor, Pixie, Crosta, Surge, Gentle - Cylcops - Don't want to go back to school (school bus of dead friends)

Hellion, Rockslide, Mercury, Anole, Dust, Glob Herman, Indra, Bling!, Blindfold, Match, Trance, Graymalkin - Wolverine - Don't wanna fight 
Namor - Cyclops - Likes fighting and can't leave Atlantis

Marvel Girl - Wolverine - Misses the school 
Danger - Cyclops - Wants to keep rehabilitating prisoners and doesn't wanna go back to place she was captive 
Kid Omega - Wolverine - Forced to leave

Dr. Nemesis (and presumably the X-Club) - Cyclops - Likes his lab to much 
X-23 - Wolverine - She's Wolverine's clone, derp 
Magik - Cyclops - She's a prisoner 
No-Girl - Cyclops -  
Stepford Cuckoos - Cyclops - 2 against 1 
Frenzy - Wolverine - Doesn't want to have to deal with Cylcops - Emma Frost love triangle 
Gambit - Wolverine - Bored of Utopia 
Toad - Wolverine - Promises to be their janitor 
Storm - Cyclops -  Scott wants her their to help him lead his somewhat ifffy team 
Emma Frost - Cyclops - She likes Scott too much 
We also know that Domino and Warpath join Scott's side and Chamber joins Wolverine's side: shown by the previews at the back.

The Good

I thought that the parts with Storm and Emma Frost were great. And especially the thing with Emma. I smell stress between them. Emma is on Scott's side partly because she loves him and partly because she already spent everything she owned on Utopia. Emma followed this speech by addressing him as "Summers", which I thought was very interesting. It showed off Emma's strong side, as she wiped the floor with him, it gave the impression that she is now in control of their relationship. Oh, and the Beast thing was very very amusing.
The Bad

I didn't like Hope's thing with Transonic. I also found that the tribal battle/chose side thing ws strange. Neat at times, but strange. And do savages really wear thongs and loincloths. Let me check my history textbook. They also missed out a couple of important people. Prof X, Karma, Boom-Boom, Legion...what side do they pick? Especially Prof X!!
The Verdict

Certainly interesting, though of course it isn't necessary. You could just Google this entire issue. Neat though if you like team dynamics. I do wish Storm would be with the Black Panther more, I mean,  what was the point of marrying him if your always with the X-Mem.  
If you read this review, and you have any opinions or questions about who went where, or where is this person, post in comments below, please and thank you.

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Posted by JonesDeini

Thanks for saving me four bucks, man!

Posted by Kairan1979

After everything Storm said before, after the harsh critics of everything Cyclops sanctioned, especially X-Force, her being on Team Cyclops makes no sense.

Posted by hallaboy
Toad - Wolverine - Promises to be their janitor

That cracked me up a little.

Posted by papad1992

The Stepford Cuckoos - 2 against 1.... which sister wanted to side with Wolverine??

And also what about Loa... assuming she still is Namor's "side-kick" she'd probably side with Cyclops but it didn't say up there on the list!!?

Posted by Zaklops

Yeah, Whats the deal with Legion? From what I heard he's an X-man now. Boom Boom might go with Cannonball but I don't know her relationship with Wolverine. And also... WHAT about Elixir and Darwin? Did they just vanish off the map or something. BTW Avalanche would make a good reservist X-man if he stays on Utopia.

Posted by caladbolglight

@papad1992: I'm sorry, apparently, Phoebe was the one who wanted to go to Westchester.

And Loa wasn't mentioned in here but it was revealed in Uncanny X-Men that she stayed on as a trainee.

@Zaklops: Legion hasn't been mentioned in any Regenesis book so far nor has Prof X aside from a pinch at the beginning of Wolverine and the X-Men. They aren't even on any roster that we see in any of the books. Boom-Boom is a member of the street team in San Francisco. As far we know, Elixir has vanished. He was last reported (a couple of years ago) to be burying the dead on Genosha after Selene resurrected them all. Darwin quit X-Factor and seems to be on his own.

AND I CORRECT MYSELF. Armor and Gentle went with Wolverine and Dust stayed with Cyclops. X-23 seems to be going off on her own.

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