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Bloody great if you ask me! 0

The Story  Following the events of the Sisterhood arc, Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock has returned from her stint as an Exile, and travels to Japan to bury her original body again with Wolverine in tow. However, an attack by ninjas from the Hand leaves her with a new purpose: to kill Matsuo Tsurayaba, the man responsible for her body transfer - as seen in Acts of Vengeance. But the road to Matsuo is a perilous one, and Psylocke has ...

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Yost + Psylocke = Perfection 0

The Story:Psylocke travels to Japan and is abruptly attacked by ninjas dressed as The Hand sent by Matsu'o Tsurayaba, the man responsible for placing her mind in the body of an Asian ninja. Psylocke then seeks him out with the intent of killing him until she comes in contact with a friend.My Thoughts:This four issue mini-series is written by the man responsible for so many great X-Men stories; Chris Yost. He's definitely becoming one of my favorite writers when it comes to X-Men characters. Anyt...

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