dark_noldor's X-Men: Prelude to Schism #2 - Part 2 review

A Tale by Magneto

Though it´s nice seeing how two of the most important people in Scott Summers´ life - two of the people who most influenced him, both for good and bad - play similar roles in this moment of crisis, I don´t think the choice of the narrative structure (telling the same story. but with different angles) and I didn´t like how Marvel released this miniseries: I don´t want to see stuff from the past, as much as it´s awesome seeing Magneto facing for the first time the X-Men or how his family suffered in the hands of the Nazis, doesn´t matter how important this was to show that Scott now is the leader, is the role model of the mutants, since he achieved more than Xavier and Magneto together - I was looking foward to see a new story, instead there´s only a call of it, a great threat that´s coming but it won´t be revealed, I´m afraid - next issue´s cover is Scott Summers on it, so I´m thinking it´s another timetravel trip to the past, telling a signifcant moment of his life and issue´s # 4 appears to be Cable on it - I wish I knew what this mini was about better, before getting it, because unfortunately, it´s not worth it - the art in this issue isn´t the best, isn´t the worse either, but Andrea Mutti didn´t add anything amazing to make this story better. I don´t recommend this issue, avoid it.
2.5 out 5


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    The second part of Prelude to Schism goes over Magneto's history as well as his first meeting with the X-Men. Cyclops and Magneto have some heart-to-heart moments.The GoodLike the first issue, issue number 2 involves Magneto and Cyclops (instead of Xavier and Cyclops in issue one), and we get a brief introduction to the life of Magneto. We get to see brief moments of Magneto growing up during the rise of the Nazi regime. You start to feel real sympathetic for this character, even though, at time...

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