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Surprisingly Refreshing

Flashbacks consisting of Cyclops' time as a member of the X-Men under the guidance of Professor X fill the pages of this book which is the prelude to the next X-Men event, Schism.

The Good

I'm usually not one who enjoys X-books, especially preludes to major summer events. Many times, they're lackluster overall, but in issue one of Prelude to Schism, we get more than a set-up to a major story arc. We get to view the relationship between Cyclops and Charles Xavier over the years, and you know what? It's a page turner. We get to view brief moments in this father-son relationship and how Charles wants to shape his young mind.

The writing of Paul Jenkins will keep you glued to the page. Yes, this comic is a lot of two guys talking to each other, but it's incredibly interesting because we get to see more private moments between two characters we don't get to see interact on a personal level that much. Aside from that, you'll fly through this issue, in a good way. It's a quick read, or least it feels like it because I was really dragged into the story.

The Bad

I'm not too sure how I feel about the art on this book. At no point do I feel like it is "bad," but at certain times, it becomes distracting from the story. The scenes featuring Charles and Scott are have a noir feel to them. They're dark and gritty and fit the story incredibly well, but at certain times, during a couple flashback scenes, the art is disproportionate and distracting. This was my only problem with the issue.

The Verdict

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this issue. The writing is outstanding, and while the art can be a bit hit or miss, mostly hit, the actually story is incredibly captivating. Sure, a lot of the time a comic about two guys reflecting on their life is a gamble, but Jenkins really grounds this issue and makes it worth the read. This is a great starting point for all those excited about the upcoming event, and I'd recommend buying it.
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Posted by EnSabahNurX

This issue actually made me like xavier and scott again, but i have to agree the art was a bit distracting(was great but sometimes over done). I think the dialogue was great and I read this issue without losing interest and it kept me completely interested till the last page. This writer needs to stay on here.

Posted by doordoor123

The dialogue was AMAZING in this issue... but nothing really happened. We didnt even find out what they were talking about the entire issue. This feels like a point one issue. Or what a point one issue should be.

Posted by Sobe Cin
I have to agree, I got the feeling that I was missing something about what was coming in the future. However the set up of what is too come, came off perfectly. With a story that is titled Prelude to Schism, I was happy to read something that was not an action packed story, but a serious one. Like what was happening would be only moments away. And I was so captivated by that, that I no longer cared about what was missing. As Mat put it, I was drawn into the story. And when it ended, I wanted the next book. I haven't felt that way on a book for quite awhile.

But what I truly found captivating was in one instance when I saw Scott during a flashback he looked like James Marsden. And as I read, I heard Patrick Stewart's voice in my head. I enjoyed both actors in the first X-movie. And I think that was exceptionally portrayed here, even if it was by accident. And if need by Jenkins is more than welcome to come on board and write some more X-Men books. I'd read it.
Posted by doordoor123
@Sobe Cin:  I felt that way when i read Death of Dracula. Apparently im the only one that thought that it was one of the best one-shots i have ever read. Unfortunately the event that came after the Death of Dracula was horrible.
Posted by Nasar7

If I were reviewing this issue I would say borrow it. I enjoyed it and would buy it if I had more funds but it isn't strictly necessary for longtime fans. Good for new readers.

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