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You can't pick your parents. And if you could, Pixie certainly wouldn't have picked Mastermind, the man who turned Jean Grey into the Dark Phoenix. But right now, that's the least of her problems. A giant demon named Saturnine has been using her Pixie dust to lull her fellow X-Men into submission and it's worked. Now he's one step away from all the power he needs to take control of the world. Can the fast-talking Welsh girl with wings possibly stop him?

Saturnine's minions begin a battle with the X-Men at the abandoned school he had been using as his lair to trap Pixie and her friends Mercury, Armor and X-23. Regan Wyngarde and Martinique Jason are not happy that the X-Men are present. Meanwhile the demon nurse leaves the building carrying a large quantity of Pixie's dust but is confronted by Nightcrawler. The dust is released and knocks out Kurt and the nurse. Inside the building, Mercury, Armor and X-23 make their escape through a large pipe when X-23 breaks it open with her claws.

Saturnine speaks to Pixie and instructs her to take her mother's magic and bind it to her soul dagger. Pixie goes to her mother who tells her about her real father and that Regan and Martinique are her half sisters. Pixie punches the two ladies and takes out her dagger from inside her, ready to stab her mother. Emma approaches but Pixie knocks her to the ground. Drawing her dagger again, Mrs Gwynn casts a magic spell and it grows into a large sword. Pixie gives it to Saturnine who proceeds to use it to slaughter his demon minions. However, the magical sword will not work on non-demonic humans or mutants so he attempts to sheath it inside him (as is normal for soul-swords). Unfortunately for Saturnine it was only an illusion and he stabs himself to death through his chest. The girls Mercury, X-23 and Armor finally escape the school and bring a dazed Nightcrawler back to the others. When X-23 sees the Mastermind ladies she leaps into the attack, but Pixie magically teleports them away before it goes any further. Pixie apologizes to Emma Frost for punching her - but in order to convince Saturnine that she was still in his power and maintain the illusion spell she had to do it. Pixie talks to her mother, but struggles to accept that Mastermind is her real father. Mrs Gwynn grudgingly accepts that Pixie belongs with the X-Men and departs, leaving a surprised and saddened Pixie to rejoin her fellow mutants.

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Underwhelming Ending 0

Pixie Strikes Back! #4 of 4     I have mixed feelings about this mini’s conclusion.   I thought that it was too awesome that they were adding some meat to the character of Pixies by revealing her true parents and thus revealing who her sisters were.   They also used this story as a way to amp up Pixie’s magic levels, giving her a little bit more for her arsenal.   The execution of this story was just a little weak though. Immonen seemed to be trying to hard to be hip and trendy with his writin...

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pixie strikes back four 0

i just got around to reading this and i was not pleased. the writing was not very good. i was not happy with the art as well. i found myself asking where are pixie's wings? i liked that they included so many characters in it. some of whom i really like. but the characterization was off. i am really disappointed in this issue. after the third one i found to be promising. i was really let down by the last issue. i would not really advise you to read it after reading the whole series....

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