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X-Men Origins Wolverine

The best thing about movies like this is for comic geeks to totally flip out at the thought and hopefully execution of bringing their favorite comic characters to life. Many a comic movie has gotten an extra star or a half because of the geek factor.
That being said. What was done to Deadpool at the end of this movie was horre ... horin ... really really bad.
There is a reason he is called the "Merc with the mouth. take that away and you kill the character. Also adding Cyclops eye beams? C'mon.
Okay, enough with the spoilers.

Over all this the movie no one asked for. Seriously, this was completely a studio idea that they take X-men and break it down into multiple movies. Unfortunately X-men 3 kind of negated the original Idea.
So if you do make a movie about where Wolverine comes from what do you add/ Fox thought it should be a revenge movie where he is avenging a girlfriend we never heard of before and does not create any kind of chemistry on screen so we do not care what happens to her.
Frankly, more attention should have been payed to the Weapon X team and to the relationship between Wolverine and Sabretooth. These were the more interesting parts of thew movie.
I liked the inclusion of the Blob, although they did not make his fatness his mutant power as it is in the books. Gambit they handled well in the script but gave it to an actor who could not pull off the cajun accent very well.
Over all, I would have to say that this was an incredibly average movie. I wanted to like it a lot more, but 20th century Fox got in the way.

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