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Fort Washington, Long Island.

Madeline Drake is in the kitchen, humming and making lunch for her son Bobby. She calls him back into the house, and when she looks outside he's standing in the pool, which is frozen solid.

Later his mother and father are talking to him in his room. His Dad tells him that he hasn't done anything wrong and that it's not his fault. His Mom says that they've seen stories about people like him on the news. People who are special. Bobby, who is scared, wants to know what's wrong with him. They explain that people like him are called mutants, but that doesn't mean they don't love him. But he's going to have to be very careful.

The day before his birthday he is having lunch with Judy, a classmate. A bully named Rocky interrupts their conversation. Bobby gets angry and his fists turn slightly blue. Judy feels it getting colder. That night, while his Mom watches Professor Xavier on television Bobby sneaks out the window to practice using his powers. He glides around the trees on his ice slide. Later he is walking through town, and sees anti-mutant grafitti.

When he gets home he calls up Judy and asks her out to a movie date at the community center for his birthday. As they leave, she wants to stop and kisses him. Bobby tries to tell her about him being a mutant, but he's interrupted by Rocky again and this time he has friends.

He makes Judy get behind him, and warns the gang that they don't want to do this. Before anyone can move he freezes three of the gang's hands. He tells Judy to get down and freezes Rocky in a block of ice. Thinking Bobby killed him, the rest of Rocky's gang takes off. Judy begins to panic, while Bobby tries to explain what he did, but she calls him a freak. She then tells him that he should get out of there because people are going to come for him.

Bobby gets home as fast as he can and explains what happened to his parents. His Father tells him what they have to get him out of there but the police show up while he's packing. The police take him away, promising to keep him safe. But while he waits in a cell, a mob forms outside. Cyclops comes to the rescue, blasting his way into the jail. Bobby refuses to go with him, and Cyclops tries to knock him out with an optic blast for his own good. They struggle, and Bobby freezes him, but Cyke is able to free himself. Professor X breaks up their fight, amd Bobby says that he recognizes him from tv.

Xavier tells him that he mentally sent everyone home, and invites Bobby to join his X-Men. At first Bobby is worried about leaving his parents, but the Professor says that he can make it so that nobody remembers him being a mutant, and his parents will believe that he is simply at a school for "Gifted Youngsters". Bobby accepts, and says goodbye to his parents. When they arrive at the school, he ices up and rides his ice slide with a smile.

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