k4tzm4n's X-Men Origins: Gambit #1 - Random Acts of Redemption review

Gambit's Origin: A Road We've Travelled Many Times Before

This is my first review...Enjoy (hopefully!)

As a big fan of Gambit, I was extremely mixed on this one. Ever since the announcement of this issue came out, I've been wondering what this issue could offer about his past that we haven't already seen. Unfortunately, I was right and it really only elaborated on events we already know of.  That certainly doesn't make it a bad read, though.

If you're a fan of Gambit, it will certainly keep your interest...Just not bring any twists or turns to the table. It of course covers events we all know far too well...Such as his wedding with Bella Donna, first encounter with Sinister, and a look at the Mutant Massacre.  The ending had a very nice touch since it lead up right to his first (well, technically second) appearance in Uncanny X-Men 266.

The artwork by Yardin is alright, although a bit too cartonish for my taste...However the work by Roberson is absolutely stunning.  Roberson absolutely needs to be a regular on an on-going series.


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    I think that Gambit is probably the most complex and mysterious X-Man out there.  Some would say Logan holds that title, but those people don't really know Remy.  This issue, as others have said, is just a recap of things we already know.  There is nothing new or fantastic about it.  It is great for those who would like to know basic Gambit history.  However, for those who want to know why Remy is the way he is, they will have to do much more research.  This issue doesn't do the man with the car...

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    I really wanted this book to get me back into Gambit but I felt like each chapter ended to quick. I kept re-checking each page making sure none were stuck. To be fair each chapter left me wanting more and wondering how each chapter ended in a full fledge story arc. I know that most have written off Gambit as a solo character but I would really be interested in reading an Gambit origins that would go further than a one shot, the art was enjoyable but with the same stories be retold did not do it ...

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