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The Best Comic Marvel is Putting Out This year

Even though I knew this moment was coming (it was originally told in New Mutants Vol. 1 #49), I was still so floored afterward it took me hours before I could even begin to look at this issue rationally. The storytelling is crafted *that* well.

Now that I can step back to appraise it, it is still a remarkable issue. Once again Greg Pak tells Magneto's story by artfully weaving it around real events. One of the many remarkable things about this series is how subtly Pak is molding Max into the man who would become Magneto. We can see by the choices he faces and consequences he endures how this essentially good boy became the complex and ambiguous character we know today.

This miniseries is essential reading not only for Magneto fans and those interested in history, but for anyone. Even if they don't normally read comics.

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Posted by BlackPookie

I feel the same way!
Posted by harry23

the Magneto testament is an incredible Graphic novel of telling readers of his origins and you sir/madam are fine in my book with this.

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