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This should have been my pick of the week.....

It took me a while to read this one, and I regret the fact it took me so long. Let me start by saying this book delves into a dark part of world history that many people try to avoid talking about. Not the whole WWII aspect, but more along the lines of the attempted genocide of the Jewish people, and the Nazis rise to power. Max (Magneto) is a teenager in this book and so far, the book is much more about the world around him and less about how he became Magneto, which I am fine with. Pak did his research on this and tries to stay as honest as possible when delving into the Nazis rise to power. So far, since it's 1933 before the Nazi regime ruled, the Nazi party is just started to gain some control and Pak does not pull punches. I applaud him for making this book an accurate portrayal of life back then. I was honestly moved by this book, I love history and the MCU and real World History (NOT Real World the Mtv show) meld together. This book is insightful to how the Jewish people were treated prior to the death camps and murders, and it is incredibly scary to know that these crimes actually existed in our world. I am very excited for the next issue and hope that Pak keeps in tune with history and stays true to it.

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