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Magneto likes a girly.


I loved this.

As much as i disliked the front cover ripping off the Star Wars episode 1 posters of Anakin with his shadow i have to admit, it works here with Max and Magneto in the puddle. Its pretty cool and the red works well, so kudos to Marko on that.

I watched X-Men the movie last night and to think that Magneto was this boy is extraordinary. Having crushes on girls just doesn't seem like the man who says "These homosapiens despise us Charles" The boy who would grow up to become the X-Men's deadliest foe, the man who is bent on ruling the world. The man who could cause pain to one man and not feel guilty at all about it.

But every mutant has a past and why should Magneto's be any different? Growning up in Nazi Germany doesn't sound much fun for a mutant does it, not to mention the fact that the mutant in question is Jewish. Every mutants past is haunted but from whats inthis issue, Max having a meddle stripped from him for being a "cheating Jew" and later being attacked for it despite (not intentionally manipulating the metal in the javelin) throwing javelins further than the other boys. Having to watch his father abused by a Nazi soldier for "shaming a German woman"


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