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As Professor X searches to fill the gaps in his memory, someone else searches for him. His psyche rebuilt from the ground up after he suffered a near-fatal gunshot wound, the former leader of the X-Men has set out to rediscover his forgotten past. But when one of his former students, Gambit, tracks him down, he brings news of an assassination plot centering on Xavier, among others. The reason for the plan is obscure, but all the targets share a history with the recently deceased X-Men foe Mr. Sinister. Though he no longer walks the earth, the man once known as Nathaniel Milbury has managed to reach beyond the grave, by way of a plot conceived decades ago but only coming into effect upon his death. In the process of defending Professor Xavier, Gambit is forced into an uneasy alliance with one of the X-Men's oldest foes. Can they put their differences aside long enough to uncover the truth about Sinister's plot and the attempts on Xavier's life? This volume also includes a story by X-Men co-creator Stan Lee, in which "The Man" himself explores the relationship between Xavier and his sometime foe, sometime friend Magneto. Plus: a recently uncovered X-Men story by classic creators Roger Stern and Dave Cockrum! Collects X-Men: Legacy #213-216, X-Men: The Unlikely Saga of Xavier, Magneto and Stan; X-Men: Odd Men Out.

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