pspin's X-Men: Legacy #9 - Judgement of Diana review

X-Men: Legacy #9 Review

X-Men: Legacy #9 Review


Legion and Blindfold have differing opinions about superheroics and Xavier’s dream.

The Good:

This issue is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Seriously without ruining it, I can’t really talk about it, which is unfortunate. The story involves Legion talking to Blindfold about his proactive approach to saving mutants and what his father’s dream is about. Seeing their relationship grow over the course of the series, this issue is really emotional. The end is kind of a shocker with the book Legion is reading.

Simon Spurrier does a great job here with the writing. He is able to play with the emotions of the two characters and make the reader feel what is happening instead of just seeing it.

Tan Eng Huat draws the issue and makes Aarkas look cool.

The Bad:

The story involves almost entirely theoreticals and what ifs; needless to say it gets confusing and may require a reread. This doesn’t take the emotion out of the story but it makes certain parts hard to follow.

Tan Eng Huat’s art is a roller coaster and this was a dip, a big one. Blindfold has a five-head and either shaved the front half of her head or has a terrible receding hairline. His abstract style really works for some stories but this was a miss here. Part of the problem stems from Jose Villarubia’s colors, they simply do not mesh well with the art.


A great and emotion story from Simon Spurrier is brought down by some less than stellar art. The story is what carries this issue and it is amazing and while complicated is still a great read. To fully enjoy this issue, however, one should try to get the last few (preferably all) issues to really get where the characters are coming from.

4 (4.4) out of 5

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