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First Date

Dear God and the Holy Spirit, Del Mundo is just.... the best cover artist. Ever. These X-Men Legacy covers are consistently gorgeous, mind blowing, and surreal.

Also on the art front, I'm super excited to see Tan Eng Huat returning. Molina's art was serviceable, but just didn't have the same 'kick' to it that Huat's has. His art is just bursting with personality. Brilliant vibrant colors, very animated and fluid motion, wild surreal elements; it's just perfect for this kind of series and I'm so damn glad he's back.

It's a little odd that we didn't get a direct followup on the huge twist at the end of the previous issue, but the overall tone in it's wake created a big hinderance for Legion right as he wants to make a big show to impress his stalker, Blindfold. Legion's once again having trouble with his powers, which is already running the risk of becoming a tedious plot structure, but works so damn well in this issue.

Determined not to be another spandex 'reactionary' hero, Legion has decided that he's going to actively seek out threats to the mutant race and stop them BEFORE they cause trouble. He's doing it for purpose, and to help his father's dream; not for the glory. Well.... maybe for SOME glory. But I digress, Legion has decided his purpose in life will be to ease the tension levied against the Mutant race from the shadows, and we're seeing his first offensive act here. And what unfolds is an absolute delight. Legion may be limited, but it forces him to fight smarter, and oh boy does he do that. Sure his plan ends up having a few hiccups, but overall it's got so many absolutely brilliant twists and turns... it's refreshing to see such a different approach to the fight for justice, even in a world WITH capes and tights rampant.

What really holds everything together and makes this issue shine is the absolutely adorable and admittedly quite bizarre relationship budding between Legion and Blindfold. The two of them have such hilarious interactions and reactions to each other's romantic gestures.... it's hard to tell who has a bigger crush on who. They have such a bubbly dynamic when they're together, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this love really blossom.

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

Legion is quickly becoming my favorite mutant, and Tan Eng Huat is the perfect artist for him. Legion is a complex and interesting character, and his unique approach makes for some VERY clever and unexpected storytelling. There's definitely a world of deeper emotional and sociological exploration going on here, but it's decorated with abslutely amazing comedy.


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