pspin's X-Men: Legacy #4 review

X-Men: Legacy #4 Review

X-Men: Legacy #4 Review


Legion fights the X-team that was sent to retrieve him and the kids.

The Good:

This issue is much better than the others, the dialogue is better, the art is a bit better and the action is better. The story is a continuation of the arc, Legion is still trying to gain the self-confidence to master all of his psyches and now there is the caveat of having to fight the X-Men as well. One of the highlights is seeing him take on the team with some of his less powerful abilities; Frenzy meets a particularly funny fate. The story takes a much more standard turn with the whole heroes-fighting-heroes business but it is still nice to see with characters like Legion, Frenzy, and Chamber as they don’t get the spotlight very often. Blindfold has some interesting developments as well, seeing her active once again is another nice change of pace that plays out well.

Simon Spurrier once again delivers a fun story that combines the humor and seriousness well. With a character like Legion, you can do almost anything and he uses him to great effect without getting boring. The dialogue is also great, it flows a lot better here than in the other issues mostly because there is less expository dialogue; Legion’s thought bubbles are very good as well.

The art is done by Jorge Molina and it is much easier on the eyes than Huat’s art from the previous issues. This adds to the story quite a bit because less time is spent trying to decipher what is going on and more time enjoying the story.

The Bad:

There was nothing majorly terrible about the issue; it was, however, not perfect. The biggest thing was Legion’s anti-costumed superhero stance. He has been talking about it since issue one and here it just goes crazy. Sure he wants to be different from his father but he starts preaching about it and it gets kind of annoying.

The only other fault of note was that some of the speech bubbles that crossed panels were a little difficult to follow, this isn’t a huge deal but it does cause a reread on a few occasions. Also there is a part where the bubbles contain individual letters to show the quick passage of time, they should be syllables, not letters. (That last part may have been a pet peeve talking…)


Overall a fun issue that showcases some of Legion’s lesser known abilities and that he is not just some crazy person, but a smart and competent one. It also shows how much the art can impact the issue as Molina’s art really helps the story by not being crazy. The mystery of what Blindfold is up to really takes a leap here and it really makes you think. It is definitely a step in the right direction for the series and hopefully the momentum can continue.

4 out of 5

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